Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Art: Gobelin Tapestry Creation

I had a dream to create woolen gobelin tapestry, sort of carpet you put on wall to feel cozy and warm at home.

I want it snow white with bright spots, so that the eyes would scan it, bringing high relaxing feelings… dreaming… flying…

Currently I am writing the “Out of Alcohol!” book to help people to get easily rid of addiction without medical interventions. It is based on my personal experience to part with alcohol for ever and live the life of craziest dreams.

You can already read 1-2 chapters for free either from my Publisher’s portal in all modern e-formats at

ISBN 9781311332295

Or you might want to download it from my website in PDF format from

This topic is rather complex, time consuming and very important to people who decided to live their healthy styles. So I decided to implement my dream of creating the gobelin and make the process smooth, agreeable and pleasant.

The size of my gobelin is to be 180 X 160 cm, too large for modern looms.

So I decided to to use an old fashioned frame technique.

This is my first experience in trial to master the art in a small frame.

Snow white hand-made wool fibers

are from a small place in the mountains in Caucasus

produced from golden fleece sheep and goats wool

alpine pastries

The ready gobelin will be very beautifu. Though creating tapestry using a big wooden frame takes a lot of time, I hope to finish it in August and present it at

Rotterdam International Art Fair from the 12th to 13th of September 2014.

What are you creating?
Natalia Levis-Fox

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