Monday, July 7, 2014

Caucasus: International Biking in July

Biking is very popular in Caucasus.

Caucasus is energetically is so strong, that men’s hot blood needs its healthy outcome with adrenaline. We have excellent roads and

You can often see bikers racing in groups along the roads.

But biking as lifestyle is not always racing. Very few people bike in mountains to experience complexity of roads, height and sensations of novelty.

When you value wild nature, you are saturated with fresh energy, fabulous health and power, coming from wildness and its beauty.

Beauty itself is power.
Did you know that?

My posts about extreme biking opportunities in Caucasus attracted a group of combat officers from some European countries. This weekend I accompanied them to the area  in the mountains called Blue lakes. You won’t see their photos here.

Instead, you can enjoy the scenery

and feel the freshness and beauty of the place.

What is good about Caucasus, that you can stop practically everywhere and have picnics or set a camp near waterfalls, streams or


with wild mint

eating, sleeping and having rest on alpine meadows

with smelling herbs

and flowers in really something special!

Being a biker you’ve got to be physically strong, very strong…

So body and mind  relaxation in wonderful wild places makes you powerful and even more handsome and more desired.

Blue lakes area has small hotels and nice restaurants with juicy food, cooked in open fire.

And one more thing. After I presented in Portugal at the International Congress on psychosomatic research my computer program “Eye Movement Integrator”, which heals any traces of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) within an hour or less, doctors from all over the world send me their patients and war veterans.

This time we used this opportunity and healed guests-bikers memories in a friendly relaxing environments. This program never interferes with the traumatic facts and emotional content of experience.

Everybody is happy!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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