Sunday, July 27, 2014

Caucasus, July, Beauty

Yesterday I was in the mountains with my Spanish black dog, a perfect guardian and a silent friend.

We went to a beautiful vast area of low mountains. It begins 50 km from my home.

The road leads to the spa wild resort called “the Valley of Narzans” close to Elbrus, with mineral thermal springs of different temperature. 

The landscapes are varying from green hills

Dolomite rocks

With waterfalls

Rivers and creeks


The way comes through the zone of alpine meadows, rich in wild flowers and herbs


Wild mint

This is how wild mint is blossoming near creeks, the fragrance is terrific…

Honey bee drinking nectar

Camomille fields

On the way home I usually stop at a small church

Built by ethnic Greeks living in our area.

No need to say, that the air in the mountains is filled with fragrance, winds and purity and divine transparency.

Close to my home, several km from it,  there are fields of barley

It is harvest time

Do you know how it smells? Sun, dust and warmth of home…

I adore you!
Natalia Levis-Fox,

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