Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Quote about Healing and Mutual Erotic Love

Yes, these are my words. I told them once during one of my lectures on Psychology of wellness and NLP. I read this course together with lectures on Anthropology at the Faculty of Psychology (Institute of Humanity) for several years.

I met one of my ex-students lately and he reminded me of these words. Like me he works in one of the private clinics as a special invitee for ‘difficult’ patients. He applies this approach in his clinical practice with brilliant results.

Life is full of surprises!

I am too lazy to work for somebody else, dealing with sick people (and sometimes doctors) on everyday basis, month after month, year after year.

For this reason I chose to do what I love: creating artworks, travelling, racing, skiing, piloting flying machines, doing scientific research in order to write books with reliable information on psychology of intelligence, wellness, pleasure and emotions (my 22 books are published at Smashwords Inc, USA). If you do not believe, you can check at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/389009

I also consult people who need fast and satisfying results by phone, no Skype is used.

This is my office, with delightful and comforting light

and very friendly art and creative atmosphere

Sometimes we find ourselves in the worst environments, without pleasant and understanding support. At times of desperation, doubts and uneasiness we need to hear encouraging words oe  just hints to find better solutions… That is why I organized this service.

How can we do the best things for you over the phone?

Human voice, its tember and the personal choice of words helps to diagnose any psychological problem within minutes. In reality, each ‘problem’ has its own components, organized in a structure and mental strategy and trigged in different life contexts. You have 3 free minutes to find out what we can do together
Details at

The principle of the ‘problem’ maintenance reminds of a formula in Higher mathematics. For instance, depressed people combine all the events together, generalize them into negative quality and suffer, thus forming a vicious, repeated circle:

Events interpreting them with negative shades  integrating and labeling them as ‘life is horrible’ black thoughts and self-talkingsuffering

What can we do about it?

We change the unpleasant contents  into the person’s desirable outcomes, and the results are pleasing. In other words we put your current desires, wishes and needs into this formula. You feel immediately better!

Events interpreting them with positive shades  integrating and labeling them as ‘life is funny’ (my boss is silly, boyfriend is not good, etc) remember your best qualities add nice thoughts and positive self-talkingenjoying the situation spirits rise

Easy, is it not? When you get into trouble, you do not see the solution, right? But together, we manage it fine…

Note. I never consult depressed people on phone. They are sticky. They always complain and they ‘fuck your brains’, as they find “free ears” to pour out their negative stories and attitudes into you.  Sorry for vulgar terminology, but all highly qualified doctors and therapists understand me perfectly. It is not a paradise to deal with this category of patients.

These people cause the explosion, the outburst of anger in me. No money can ever justify time and best efforts to get them out of depression without their sincere will to get rid of it.  

In reality, depressed patients love their states as they have no intelligence and fresh energy to find new life challenges by themselves. Nasty, but true.

Anyway, people who got stuck in depression can become as joyful and happy as any ‘normal’ and healthy person. The problem with depressed people is that  their life is nourished by alien (second-hand) energy source. That is why to heal depression as well as alcoholism completely is almost impossible.

Research states that anti-depressants kill their sex energy. Sex energy is the only vital energy we have at our disposal. It makes us happy, wishing the best, vibrating and satisfied.  Drugs such as Prozac work by keeping serotonin hanging around in the brain for longer than normal, so they might stave off romantic feelings. (This also means that people taking anti-depressants may be jeopardising their ability to fall in love.)

There is a special 2 staged  program for depressed people, which shifts from foreign mind and connects them to a healthy, unlimited and fresh source of vitality supply (first stage) and then forms a new, healthy type of mentality of a happy person (second stage). This program is very expensive, takes ar least  8-12 days and is realized with me in the Caucasus,

 Respectable Hotel Edelweis

Close to Elbrus

in wonderful



and comfortable environments

 we can even ski with you

If you can not yet, I will train you!

Can you imagine yourself, sliding and flying in snow... part of a fashionable style of life... without addictions and depression?

So, if you are life-time depressed, do not bother to ask for my nice friendly help and make me listen to your sad stories over the phone. Join my program!

Sometimes yours,
Natalia Levis-Fox
On-line consultations
License No 314265119000560

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