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The Mystery of Right Hemispheric People

We have already discussed with you skills and qualities of right hemispheric people earlier.

Read about right-left hemispheric people from this blog:

Right hemispheric people are very strong by birth. They are inborn leaders. They are very talented and have huge potential.

They are fighters. And if you try to press or control them, you will get strong resistance. They are honest, noble and trustworthy. They will never betray you, if they consider you as their friend. If you dare ‘to bite’ them or display your shallow personality by telling them what you really think of them, they would forget about you, forever!

They have a well developed intuition. It helps them to filter information and types of people to choose attitudes. They have a strong suspicion about their colossal potential but are quite ignorant about how to open and use it…until they learn about it.

They value both comfort, action and risk. In most cases their risk is well calculated. In fact, they choose when to be risky and when it’s too dangerous. They have a lot of scars and wounds.

Right hemispheric people test: left finger on top

When they fall (physically & personally), they silently rise and ‘ lick their wounds’ in private, without a sound, complaints and public shows.

When in crowd, right hemispheric people often keep aloof or detached, reminding sort of lonely wolves.

There is one peculiarity or feature about this biological type of people. They are shy! They fight and criticize this quality. But in vain.

This is where we come to mystery. This shyness is not their weakness! It is their strength. These unique people have a double potential.

Without knowing it, right hemispheric people often become alcohol addicted, aggressive. What is worse, at the moments of desperation they might think or even get involved into homosexual experience…


What is hidden in them?

Right hemispheric people have a wonderful potential for lovely relationships with opposite sex. Nature created these people to find their soul-mates and live happily, enjoying fantastic life of inner comfort, friendliness, easiness, kindliness, incredible and highly satisfying sex with their partner.

Without soul-mates, right hemispheric people suffer from heart problems, anxiety, fears, headaches, travelling pains in body or physical tension. In other words, without soul-mate, their fantastic potential is not filled.

Being empty, it attracts ‘rubbish’ from other people’ thoughts, opinions and judgments, causing them temporal panic states and feelings.
When soul-mate is found, right hemispheric people become filled with special energy of wellness, ease and other pleasant things.

Lovely relationships

In several days I will publish an article about neurobiology of love, bondage and soul-mating. You will find out why soul-mates are always faithful and unconditionally loving each other.

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