Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wonderful Thoughts & Feelings For The Night

The flow of wonderful miracles and sensations

Before falling a sleep, remember about your strongest desire… already implemented:
a thing, a person, an event… with all the incredible details… the way you want it… the way it satisfies you…

All your desires come from the wonderful universe we are living in… both visible and invisible. The universe is love itself, comfort, friendliness, fondness…

Just allow yourself to experience the feeling of having it, not receiving it, not getting it, not creating it, not wanting it, not spending it.

Focus on having, just having. Having it there. Not trying to change anything in your life, just having it there.

How does it feel to be so safe, so loved, that the universe has given you that desire?

This sets all the coincidences in advance and circumstances in line, for you to have your desire.

Taking a deep breath. Finding that feeling and allowing the joy of that to flow to the surface…

Allow the joy of having, the joy of having that desire to flow to the surface of your feelings now.

To the top of your head, to the top of your mind. It is the strongest feeling that you feel in your body, your mind and your soul…

Feeling of absolute gratefulness and appreciation. Thankfulness.

Just thinking and experiencing about the things that make you happy and not on the things that make you unhappy.

The process of appearing your desire implemented is already going on… it always takes time… the more you experience wonderful feelings about having it, the faster it becomes the reality…

Express thanks that what you ask for is already given and feel the joy of it being a reality.

Thinking about things that make you happy and feeling good skips all resistance and allows your desires to come to you…

Your sleep will be deep, pleasant. Happiness on the verge of your falling asleep, will bring your flying at night…
After  Enoch Tan’s book “Reality Creation Secrets”

In the morning you will feel refreshed and absolutely healthy. It happens because all our desires are realized in the process of our cherishing them, experiencing them as if they are already a reality. This is how kids do… 

Dreaming about having and enjoying desirable results is a very nice habit. It always makes us happy. The stronger our emotions, the more amazing  are the results. The wonderful universe is already taking care about it!

P.S. The word ‘happinness’ originates from ancient Greek word ‘hapticos’ and means to ‘grap’, ‘to have’.

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