Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What Mind Do You Have?

Have you ever bothered about your own mind?
  • Its origin? 
  • Its quality?
  • Its mode of operation?

Or why something ‘talks’ instead of you?

Have you inquired?

Do you know that ‘mind’ is abstract?

And it doesn’t belong to anybody?

It is wonderful space, where things and people are visible, heard, experienced, felt and sensed…

This space is everywhere. You walk, run, fly, drive, ride, ski through it… It is in the air, water, substance, wind, sky, clouds, etc. Otherwise, you will never see or notice them.

New tell me, can you own air?

If not, you cannot own nor ‘have’ your mind. We all just use this space for living, dreaming, acting and understanding the world.

If you still consider that you have your own mind in your head, then you might experience pain or even fight foreign ideas or ‘thoughts’. In this case, ‘your own mind’ is nothing but a narrow limited space, deprived of wonderful source of everything lovely and fresh in our Earth.

The notion “Mind” is just an abstract concept.

When we accept this abstract concept as a fact, then we start understanding, that there is nothing to ‘keep in our heads’.

Accordingly, nobody will ever be able to ‘control’ your life, command you or ‘read’ your thoughts…

Read Gianni Rodari’s fairy tale “Cipollino”,

you will understand our limitations immediately

Our mind is always fresh & abstract. It originates from the wonderful universe we live in.

This knowledge will heal your pain and problems.
Have a nice day!

Natalia Levis-Fox,

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