Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cats, Tenderness and Magic

Cats are mysterious animals. They bring marvels into our homes, expressing gentleness, kindness, mildness, tenderness and other nice feelings and sensations.
Today I finished a new picture, in the manner of woolen pastel

Natalia Levis-Fox. Gentleness. Size: 55 X 45 cm. 2013

On the 22d of February, Japan celebrates the National holiday of cats. No wonder, they devote poems and drawings to this marvelous animal.

Cats’ magical aura spreads not only to the place, it considers its home, but also to people who live there.

Cats’ aura is capable to drive off wicked spirits and malicious people from our homes

For example, a nice picture of a cat hanging right in front of your entrance door,

If put into your blog or website, picture of a cat

…will defend you from unfavorable attacks, insults,
offences and dirty words coming from Internet…

Cats and especially kittens amuse you,

…heal you and fill your home with comfort.

Do you have a cat? Draw a picture of your cat (just the way you can) and put it in your purse, bag or car – and you are protected!

Levis-Fox Art Gallery id planning to organize “Cats in Art International Exhibition”, in March, follow our news

Natalia Levis-Fox

Friday, February 15, 2013

Red Kitten on Golden Fleece

This is my kitten. It is so touchy, nice, fluffy, gentle and funny. It is lazing comfortably on the Caucasian Golden Fleece, near our fireplace.

We have another cat, he-cat. Believe it or not, it takes a real, real care of the kitten like a loving mother…

How are your pets? Do you have any? Do they amuse you? Send your pictures, we shall publish them and enjoy together.

Important note. Our happiness is comprised of nice, pleasing, amusing, etc, trifles in our everyday environment. When we notice these things, our life expresses delight physically  for us.

Natalia Levis-Fox

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Art of Felting Master-Class

Levis-Fox Art Gallery 

Today we shall uncover your art talents and create a masterpiece on fur, named

“Vitality Tree”

The picture in your own interpretation 

will fill your home with unlimited divine vitality, health, comfort and happiness.

Spanish art experts qualified this artwork as belonging to “Expressionism”, trend or genre of art, which touches and elicits positive human feelings and emotions.

Instead of paints, we will use bright wool fibers

To create pictures with wool is a real pleasure, as you easily experiment with colors, adding and removing fibers to your satisfaction. It is both fun and enjoyment.

The technique we are going to use is called ‘needle felting’

You create designs to your liking and fix them with special needles

When you touch lovely and colorful wool fibers, your skin sends signals to brain, that you are in excellent divine state of health and creation.

Your body relaxes, problems and stress disappear, and creative inspiration fully absorbs your attention.

You feel happy… as endorphins – neuro chemicals of delight and pleasure - appear in your blood and body only with physical actions.

My ebook is published by Smashwords Inc (USA) as a master-class, all modern formats

The fluffy fur adds and intensifies the effect of comfort and love. Your intention to design beauty for you home opens new healthy resources, both in your emotional, intellectual and physical worlds.

When you create beautiful artworks, your family and friends love you more…

…and value you more and more…

Natalia Levis-Fox. Poppies, 2012 (sold)

You are capable to create your own beautiful woolen picture, even if you have no experience.

Join us!
with us

You may already watch demo slide film, read our free report and make your best choice to become a great artist, famous all over the world

You can also buy the project  Art Felting” master-class, ebook + 2 richly illustrated slide films (87 slides) for individuals, teachers and social workers + “How to Create Love” ebook as a gift at my Etsy shop.

Natalia Levis-Fox

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to Use Laziness?

Did laziness overwhelm you? You are idling, unable to do house work or things you had planned…

Then you must know that it is time either to have rest or change your profession, place of living, spouse, or whatever…

How to start? – Easy!

Stand in the middle of your room for 15 minutes, doing absolutely nothing.

In several minutes, you will begin smiling and then laughing!
Life will provoke you to search for funny things and people.

For this reason:
1 have a look at free report “Laugh at Them!
2 go out to public, look at faces of different people
3  find funny features in them
4 laugh and enjoy!

Tell us about results, if this method worked for you.
If not, then life gave you up…

Natalia Levis-Fox