Thursday, November 29, 2012

Human Warmth and Fluffy Clothes from Golden Fleece (Part 2)

In Caucasus, fine-wool sheep breeds have been known since ancient times.

In the myth of the Argonauts

Argonauts ship

Golden Fleece appears as a very compact and easy thing.  Jason put the Golden Fleece under his shirt wrapped in a cloak and stole it.

Jason on his way to Greece with Golden Fleece

According to the myth of the Argonauts together authentic information about the early voyages of the Greeks, inhabitants of Colchis (Caucasus, territory of modern Georgia), plunged a fluffy sheep's skin into gold-bearing river for 2 days. Sheepskin, which settled particles of gold, turned into the Golden Fleece...

Golden Fleece

Modern fine-wool ram, in a fluffy Golden Fleece

Levis-Fox Art Gallery sells nice fine-wool socks

and elegant shawls made of fluffy Golden Fleece wool for very low prices

Each your purchase brings not only money for local masters. It raises their self-respect and importance of their small business for people!

I myself have several shawls of different colors. I wear them according to my mood. Or, choice of color raises spirits high immediately.

After my travels in European countries, I tell ladies-masters about the effects their shawls produce to women. Very often people come up to me and ask about the origin of these beautiful things.

My stories not only please the masters, More than that, they inspire talents and novel designs creation.

Masters from Balcaria (tiny republic in Caucasus),
selling their handmade artworks

Shawls are very good for every type of figure. They hide what you do not like and make you very beautiful,

non-standard, stylish.

You can also contribute into wellness of Balcarian women

and children without parents by buying them just a pair of socks as a New Year gift.

We shall publish photos of giving presents to kids from your name.

You can use our ‘donate’ button and mention color & size of fluffy socks as your gift.

Generosity opens gates to love inflow into your life!

Natalia Levis-Fox

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Survey: What Is The Most Important To You?

To find out what can make your life great and satisfying, I introduced a small survey (upper part of blog page). It’s absolutely anonymous, Statistics will show your preferences.

What are the most important things to you:

nice fast methods for wellness
good sex, etc?

Accordingly, I’ll take that into consideration and supply you with interesting materials, OK?

Thank you!
Natalia Levis-Fox

Human Warmth and Fluffy Clothes from Golden Fleece (Part 1)

When we see, touch or wear fluffy clothes, we feel nice and loved. This is how Nature and creative people love and take care of us.

High in the mountains there are beautiful alpine meadows with gorgeous flowers, juicy grass and healing herbs.

For centuries people cultivated sheep breeding in Caucasus both for food and clothes.

Shashlik,  traditional Caucasian food

 It not only juicy looking, it’s really, really tasty.

Each weekend I go to the mountains to have such nice dinner.

Would you like to join?

See you tomorrow,

Natalia Levis-Fox

Friday, November 23, 2012

How Pleasure Is Generated In Brain And Body

For many years I have been making scientific research about pleasure and its aspects. Thousands of articles on neurobiology, psychology and neurogenesis were analyzed. People do have right to know what is going on in their brain and body.

I learned to turn scientific knowledge into healing methods. Also, I became skilled at animating this useful knowledge. During consultations these animations assist both grown up people and kids to understand basic principles of their healthy & desirable being. These animations are healing themselves, because when a person sees moving useful information, their nature easily turns into healthy mode. It is a mystery, but it works!

Finally, I present you information about pleasure principles based on scientific discoveries. You will easily understand them. If you read this article, then the topic interests you as well.

After I got the whole picture on pleasure and its generation, I developed corresponding methods to introduce pleasure into everyday life. They favorably influence my life, Pain is gone, and pleasure filled life, everyday deeds, mood and attitudes.

This is what I know. Funny illustrations will disengage you from judging yourself.

Voluntary or not, we seek for pleasure. And we are absolutely right!

Neurobiologists discovered that seeking for love, pleasure and beauty is highly rewarding.

As the biological function, pleasure and its search ensures the improvement of species through advantageous experiences.

Dating experience. Virtually or not, it’s very good

Physical actions (exercises), aimed at doing what you want or love, search for the best, release endorphins – neuro substances of happiness and intensive pleasure.

Endorphin molecule, 3d model

Let us see how pleasure is generated in a single neuron - brain’s cell.

Neuron and its components

When we expect pleasure from our actions, exercises, meetings, books, people, events, etc, nucleus produces corresponding substances, which flow to terminals.

Nucleus generates endorphin molecules.
They flow to the terminal to be released into space
between cells to make us feel good.

Our neurons (like our genitals) function on the principle of orgasm, releasing happiness, intense pleasure, feeling food states, when we act (physically), dream or do something mentally.

Releasing endorphins into cellular space

The released chemicals in brain, body and blood do not live long.  They disappear, when we stop acting.

In the absence of pleasure or satisfaction, we start eating

…or drinking alcohol to come into the state of wellness…

The longer we do something important for us, the more intense pleasure is.

Nucleus keeps producing neuro substances, until we finish up.

When you are always at the ready to get & release pleasure from everywhere (including people, actions, dreaming, mental practices), you set intent

to live with pleasure and fun.

In this case, no addictive substances will ever be needed! It is the principle of wellness. 

You will always be emanating pleasure…

Now, your opinion needed. I animated these materials into step-by-step process (.ppt) with nice sounds and funny cartoons.  Download is absolutely free! Leave your comments, if the principle is clear /not comprehendible to you.

Thank you!
Natalia Levis-Fox

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Secrets of Sexy Women

Most family relationships fail because women do not place beautiful intimate relations on first place. Did you know that?

On the contrary, sexy women are always loved and worshiped everywhere. Why?

Here are secrets of a sexy women.

1. Sexy women adore sex

Unlike family oriented ladies, who expect too much from their husbands and marriage – sexy women adore sex.  They consider sex a very important part of their lives. If they are tired, sex revives them, if they are stressed or in tension – sex relaxes them. They would never show their fatigue or reject male’s sexual desire.

If they have a headache, they would prefer orgasm as a reliable remedy. Sexy women are gentle, passionate, shameless, self-sure and self-confident. Men are faithfully attracted to them, irrelevant to the age and appearance. So what is the sexy lady like?

2. A sexy woman likes to think about sex

Her fantasies are bold, detailed and full of sensations. That is why her dreams always come true as men unconsciously do that she was dreaming about.

3. A sexy woman can make love in every mood

Any emotion, melancholy or even anger, act as catalyses to her passion. Of course, she loves romantic atmosphere with candles, flowers or wine, but they are not necessary conditions to fall in sexy moods. She can make love even if she is tired after a hard working day. This gives her power to passionate lovemaking with her partner.

4. A sexy woman always forgives herself for lovemaking

Good sex and nice company with her lover, instead of ‘doing serious things’ like preparing a report or notes for a coming business meeting – is a valid excuse for her.  In other words, she always finds time for lovemaking.

5. A sexy woman loves her body

Very often sexy women are not very beautiful, but they believe in their sex appeal and attraction. They use their natural gifts to advantage and never pay attention to their deficiencies or shortcomings.

6. A sexy woman always pays attention to men

She flirts very often and always notices males’ attention to her. She would keep a nice conversation with any man, even if she were not interested in him.

7. A sexy woman expects her partner be a good lover

Sexy women have very high standards, for both themselves and their partners. Accordingly, she wants to be the super lover herself and expects the same from her lover or husband. They never imitate orgasms, as they believe that every male can give them a real pleasure. If men do not know, how to give pleasure, they would show how to do it.

This invaluable information is from my project “How to Become Sexy Just For 3 Days”. It includes en ebook in PDF and 2 slide films in .ppt. These formats fit every computer, notebook or modern reading devices. I will let you know when the project will be ready.

Natalia Levis-Fox

Monday, November 19, 2012

Psychological Humor: Animals and People

I know that you have a great sense of humor.

How many people laugh with you? Plenty?

I guarantee that you will smile now, after you see the animation below

(ready to please & obey your orders)

People are like animals, and vice verse. Do you agree?

If you are alone now, stand up and act or play the role of this animated funny image. Yes, physically. Become this secretary for several minutes!

How do you feel?

Do you still feel like pleasing people?
Do not deny!!!

We all do it from time to time (just to get what we want).

So, each time, you find yourself starting to please somebody (involuntary, of course), you’ll remember our secretary-dog.

You will smile and do something else.

This is how our amusing pictures work!
Natalia Levis-Fox

Friday, November 16, 2012

Psychological Humor As Truth About Yourself

When you enter a room, you bring three people with you:


(1) Who you are

(2) Who YOU THINK you are

(3) Who OTHERS THINK you are

These concepts inhibit best novelties in our lives


Because playing the three roles steals

your natural energy of being:


physically attractive

absolutely healthy,

thus, be unconditionally loved, adored & admired,

irrelevant to your financial situation.

II you recognized yourself in our funny pictures and roles, do not criticize yourself.

Just change roles and add fun!

Natalia Levis-Fox

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Artwork and Gratitude To My Readers

I want to express gratitude to all my readers from many countries, practically from all the continents.

Isn’t it great, that wellness and ways of its achievement interest us all? I have consulted many people of different ages, patients from clinics and hospitals, students, teachers and doctors, parents and their kids. All of them were seeking for one and the same thing: the state of feeling good.

Every day I read newsletters from my colleagues, scientific articles on how our brain works and plenty other useful materials. Nothing heals and changes better than precise knowledge about the world we live in and ourselves.

I travel a lot. I meet people of different nationalities and ethnic groups. Scientific knowledge, respect for diverse religious concepts and attitudes, love for people, their cultures, art, allows discussing very urgent topics of our everyday life with ministers, famous people, religious leaders, politicians. These subjects include education, children’s upbringing, models to follow, even the role of intimate relations in communities wellbeing and peace.

It is great, that you express your interest in these topics either. You write letters to me, and I answer each message or question. Nevertheless, I ask you to write your attitudes in comments, after my articles, so that we could discuss matters together. Unfortunately, some letters sent through my websites, get into ‘spam’ file. Please, state the theme of your messages and give the exact email address, so that my answers reached you.

I finished another artwork. It is made of pure wool and fluffy at a touch. In reality it is much more beautiful than photo. It decorates the wall of my office. Everybody who enters it, immediately smiles at the cat.

Felting, 2012. 100% pure wool.
Size: 66 X 86 cm

Send me you artworks. Do not be shy! We will enjoy them together…

Natalia Levis-Fox

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Psychological Humor: Money, Business and Love

Money chasing and orientation to social prestige have nothing to do with sincere love & satisfying relationship

Busy people have no time to look at women.
Alexander Dumas-father, 1844

Love off!

How true it is!

(from my book “Laugh At them”)
The book was translated into French

and Russian

Enjoy laughing at silly people. They make you stronger!

Natalia Levis-Fox.