Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dr Murphy’s Sex Knowledge

Each man needs stimuli.
A sexy woman is a perfect candidate to inspire him…

Who stirs you?
Natalia Levis-Fox

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Health & Happiness

Happiness is when the people you love are healthy
All the rest we can easily repair, throw away, buy or just forget…

Did you make your beloved people happy?
Natalia Levis-Fox

What Mind Do You Have?

Have you ever bothered about your own mind?
  • Its origin? 
  • Its quality?
  • Its mode of operation?

Or why something ‘talks’ instead of you?

Have you inquired?

Do you know that ‘mind’ is abstract?

And it doesn’t belong to anybody?

It is wonderful space, where things and people are visible, heard, experienced, felt and sensed…

This space is everywhere. You walk, run, fly, drive, ride, ski through it… It is in the air, water, substance, wind, sky, clouds, etc. Otherwise, you will never see or notice them.

New tell me, can you own air?

If not, you cannot own nor ‘have’ your mind. We all just use this space for living, dreaming, acting and understanding the world.

If you still consider that you have your own mind in your head, then you might experience pain or even fight foreign ideas or ‘thoughts’. In this case, ‘your own mind’ is nothing but a narrow limited space, deprived of wonderful source of everything lovely and fresh in our Earth.

The notion “Mind” is just an abstract concept.

When we accept this abstract concept as a fact, then we start understanding, that there is nothing to ‘keep in our heads’.

Accordingly, nobody will ever be able to ‘control’ your life, command you or ‘read’ your thoughts…

Read Gianni Rodari’s fairy tale “Cipollino”,

you will understand our limitations immediately

Our mind is always fresh & abstract. It originates from the wonderful universe we live in.

This knowledge will heal your pain and problems.
Have a nice day!

Natalia Levis-Fox,

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Quote: Celts about Happiness

Are you happy today?
Natalia Levis-Fox,

How Do We Understand People?

Each of us has a special apparatus of recognizing people and their qualities.

It is of double origin coming of:

1. Nature itself. On the biological level, we feel immediately, if this or that person is good to us. If the person is good, then we have the same substances in the body, brain and blood. It is biological unity between people. It makes us feeling physically good in each other’s presence and even in memory about certain events.

The most vivid example of natural likeness is the state of alcoholic intoxication. Drunken people have the same biology for a short period.

French friends, wine makers

Alcohol releases dopamine – the neurosubstances of feeling good, brave and daring

and endorphins - that produce feelings of pleasure and reward.


Read my articles “Why Alcohol Is Addicting? (Part I)

Why Alcohol Is Addicting? (Part II)

The same natural mechanisms are true about sex relationships. You have erotic desire only towards a man or a woman, who is biologically good for your body as experience maximum sexual pleasure and satisfying intensity of orgasms. Heterosexual relationships are complimentary on physical level. Homosexual pairs are formed mostly on social acceptance and the lack of tenderness from opposite gender.

2.Mind-Heart unity. On the intellectual and emotional levels, we immediately understand if we have similar human qualities with another person. If you are kind, friendly, intelligent, clever, tender, advantageous, etc, then you will immediately recognize these qualities in another person. It usually happens unconsciously, skipping our conscious analysis at the initial stage of acquaintance or social contacts.

If your qualities (ex, kindness, friendliness, cleverness, intelligence, advantageousness, tenderness, etc) are missing in another person – they would never understand and value you as a personality and a human being…

On the contrary, if both people possess the same qualities and the likewise biology, they feel incredible comfort in each other’s presence. This is how best friends appear as well as couples with lovely relationships are formed.


We understand, want to know, appreciate and deal only with those people who have many things in common with us.

Send good words and wishes to those you value and understand.

Natalia Levis-Fox,

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Optimistic people have healthier hearts, study finds

Using the American Heart Association's criteria, a study of 5,000 adults found that the most optimistic people had twice the odds of being in ideal cardiovascular health as their pessimistic counterparts.

People who have upbeat outlooks on life have significantly better cardiovascular health, suggests a new study that examined associations between optimism and heart health in more than 5,100 adults.

"Individuals with the highest levels of optimism have twice the odds of being in ideal cardiovascular health compared to their more pessimistic counterparts," said lead author Rosalba Hernandez, a professor of social work at the University of Illinois. "This association remains significant, even after adjusting for socio-demographic characteristics and poor mental health."

Participants' cardiovascular health was assessed using seven metrics: blood pressure, body mass index, fasting plasma glucose and serum cholesterol levels, dietary intake, physical activity and tobacco use -- the same metrics used by the American Heart Association to define heart health and being targeted by the AHA in its Life's Simple 7 public awareness campaign.

In accordance with AHA's heart-health criteria, the researchers allocated 0, 1 or 2 points -- representing poor, intermediate and ideal scores, respectively -- to participants on each of the seven health metrics, which were then summed to arrive at a total cardiovascular health score. Participants' total health scores ranged from 0 to 14, with a higher total score indicative of better health.

The participants, who ranged in age from 45-84, also completed surveys that assessed their mental health, levels of optimism, and physical health, based upon self-reported extant medical diagnoses of arthritis, liver and kidney disease.
Individuals' total health scores increased in tandem with their levels of optimism. People who were the most optimistic were 50 and 76 percent more likely to have total health scores in the intermediate or ideal ranges, respectively.

The association between optimism and cardiovascular health was even stronger when socio-demographic characteristics such as age, race and ethnicity, income and education status were factored in. People who were the most optimistic were twice as likely to have ideal cardiovascular health, and 55 percent more likely to have a total health score in the intermediate range, the researchers found.
Optimists had significantly better blood sugar and total cholesterol levels than their counterparts. They also were more physically active, had healthier body mass indexes and were less likely to smoke, according to a paper on the research that appears in the January/February 2015 issue of Health Behavior and Policy

The findings may be of clinical significance, given that a 2013 study indicated that a one-point increase in an individual's total-health score on the LS7 was associated with an 8 percent reduction in their risk of stroke, Hernandez said.

"At the population level, even this moderate difference in cardiovascular health translates into a significant reduction in death rates," Hernandez said. "This evidence, which is hypothesized to occur through a biobehavioral mechanism, suggests that prevention strategies that target modification of psychological well-being -- e.g., optimism -- may be a potential avenue for AHA to reach its goal of improving Americans' cardiovascular health by 20 percent before 2020."

Believed to be the first study to examine the association of optimism and cardiovascular health in a large, ethnically and racially diverse population, the sample for the current study was 38 percent white, 28 percent African-American, 22 percent Hispanic/Latino and 12 percent Chinese.

Data for the study were derived from the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis, an ongoing examination of subclinical cardiovascular disease that includes 6,000 people from six U.S. regions, including Baltimore, Chicago, Forsyth County in North Carolina, and Los Angeles County.

Begun in July 2000, MESA followed participants for 11 years, collecting data every 18 months to two years. Hernandez, who is an affiliated investigator on MESA, is leading a team in conducting prospective analyses on the associations found between optimism and heart health.

"We now have available data to examine optimism at baseline and cardiovascular health a decade later," said Hernandez.

Journal Reference:
Rosalba Hernandez, Kiarri N. Kershaw, Juned Siddique, Julia K. Boehm, Laura D. Kubzansky, Ana Diez-Roux, Hongyan Ning, Donald M. Lloyd-Jones. Optimism and Cardiovascular Health: Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA).Health Behavior and Policy Review, 2015; 2 (1): 62 DOI: 10.14485/HBPR.2.1.6

Have a nice and healthy day!


Natalia Levis-Fox

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Quote about Wisdom of Life

Do you know what it means?

If you think it over and read posts about origin of pain, self and ego from this blog – your life will really eliminate non-essentials.

Just allow your life do it, without your conscious interference

Natalia Levis-Fox,

Science: Closing Your Eyes Boosts Memory Recall

 In a new study, published today in the journal Legal and Criminology Psychology, researchers from the University of Surrey have found further evidence to suggest that eyewitnesses to crimes remember more accurate details when they close their eyes. The team also discovered that building a rapport with witnesses also helped them to remember more.


178 participants took part across two studies. In the first experiment, participants watched a film depicting an electrician entering a property, carrying out jobs and stealing items. Each participant was then randomly assigned one of four conditions, either eyes closed or open, and having built up a rapport with the interviewer or not. They were then asked a series of questions about the film, such as 'what was written on the front of the van?' The team found that closing their eyes led participants to answer 23 per cent more of the questions correctly. Building rapport also increased the number of correct answers, however, closing their eyes was effective regardless of whether rapport had been built or not.

The second experiment took the memory task one step further, by asking witnesses about things they had heard, as well as things they had seen. This time, participants watched a clip from Crimewatch, showing a reconstruction of a burglary where an elderly man was attacked in his home. Results showed that closing their eyes helped participants recall both audio and visual details, both when they had built rapport and when they had not.

Across both experiments, participants who did not build rapport said they felt less comfortable when they closed their eyes, compared to when they kept their eyes open. In contrast, participants who built rapport felt more comfortable when they closed their eyes.

"It is clear from our research that closing the eyes and building rapport help with witness recall," said lead author Dr Robert Nash from the University of Surrey.
"Although closing your eyes to remember seems to work whether or not rapport has been built beforehand, our results show that building rapport makes witnesses more at ease with closing their eyes. That in itself is vital if we are to encourage witnesses to use this helpful technique during interviews."

Journal Reference:
Robert A. Nash, Alena Nash, Aimee Morris, Siobhan L. Smith. Does rapport-building boost the eyewitness eyeclosure effect in closed questioning? Legal and Criminological Psychology, 2015; DOI: 10.1111/lcrp.12073

This explains why we close our eyes in dreaming and recalling pleasant experiences. It makes us smile happily, right?

Natalia Levis-Fox

Friday, January 16, 2015

Murphy’s Sex Law about Love & Lust

Lust makes you want her, even if you have not desire to be with her
Love makes you want to be with her, even if you do not desire her sexually now
When you experience both lust and love -
this is the explosion of the wonderful life you were born for…

And were are you?
Natalia Levis-Fox

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Murphy’s Sex law about Women’s Dreams

If men knew, what women think during daytime,
they would be thousand times cockier and sassier…

Do you still dream or act?
Natalia Levis-Fox

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Google & My Success

Google made a musical film composed of my photos from this blog in 2014

Watch the video

It was so unexpected! Pleasant…
I am very grateful

Natalia Levis-Fox

Science about Females’ Orgasms

Scientific research discovered that female’s orgasm during sex becomes the source of electro-magnetic resonance and biologically active substances for her partner’s absolute health.

Sex pleasure always makes both partners beautiful and terrifically happy!

Are you beautiful and happy today?

Natalia Levis-Fox

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Caucasus: Frosty & Sunny

We have a lovely frosty morning today  -18°C. My house is situated on top of the highest hill,

over the city.

From another side of the hill – Elbrus is clearly visible

All the trees are in snow

This is how they look in blossom

Is your morning as beautiful as ours?

Natalia Levis-Fox

Irish Castles

Admire the beauty and beauty will come to you in different forms and feelings
Natalia Levis-Fox

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Murphy’s Sex Law about Moans & Grumbles

The more often a woman moans with pleasure a night,
the less she grumbles a day

Are you smiling satisfied this morning?
Happiness is not complete without sex, right?
Natalia Levis-Fox                      

Murphy’s Law about Sex Satisfaction

Only after having had plenty of sex,
In the state of highest satisfaction, you understand:
Sex is not the major thing in the world

Do you have a satisfying morning?
Natalia Levis-Fox

Sunday, January 4, 2015

How to Get Wings? (Part II)

Continued from Part I

‘Wings’ is a metaphor of the state of ‘flying’,
corresponding to easiness, wellness and excellence.

Life seems easy, problems find easy solutions. In other words, ‘life is great!’

How to come to this state?

How to live from this easiness, wellness and excellence?

Each human being has unlimited source of life within their body.

The first thing to do is acknowledge the possibility of this lifestyle.

The second step is to acknowledge that there is nothing from within!

Yes! Nothing!
Neither “inner worlds”, nor “I”, nor “Self”, nor “anybody”

There is nothing and nobody from within!

If you keep
  • your Ego,
  • people,
  • best relationships,
  • your secrets,
  • real opinions about people
  • just important information
  • fears,

in-within, they become the source of ‘self-talking’; and it seems that it never stops…

Very much like a big stone prevents from fresh spring outflow
Fears block fresh vital energy flow into your body and soul.
That is why unpleasant thought torture you often.

Moreover, your secret mind  and/or  ‘foreign installation’ (i.e. somebody else’ mind and will from childhood or army) within your body become the source of pain and health problems.

To purify divine nothingness from human intrusion is the ultimate goal of all traditions.

It takes almost life long period for monks to gain this state of flying.

I strongly recommend you to find a very useful and interesting book by

D.T. Suzuki. “Introduction to Zen Buddhism”. (1st ed. – L.,1932)

Link to one of the libraries

If you happen to have an English copy of this book in .doc, text or PDF formats, I will be grateful for you to send it to me. I will return your copy in several days, richly illustrated, as I did with the Russian translation.

What can you do today to purify the living space from within?

1. Make the principle “There is nothing and nobody from within” as your health and wellness motto or personal mantra. 

Sing it, repeat it, spell it, write is, and draw it as your own image or symbol.

So, the principle of absolute health is this:

“There is nothing and nobody in-within.
Everything and everybody is in the outer world”

2. Wish the world whatever you need yourself.

The outer world, or rather your own knowledge about it - is the place of action, communication or even thinking about it. Your knowledge (and secrets) does not exist, until you decide to apply it or revive it. So, as the matter of fact, there is nothing to hide from others within your body or ‘private inner worlds’.

Nobody can read your own thoughts, your opinions and your personal information, as you had encoded it with your own meaning!

In some cases, your thoughts, attitudes or opinions can resonate with the same thoughts attitudes and opinions of another person or group. If it happens, then there occurs mutual understanding. But this is another story.

Since the outer world is your own interpretation or understanding of it, you may easily wish it the best things you love. This is how you can do it:

“I wish the world beauty”
“I wish the world absolute health”
“I wish the world to bathe in love”
“I wish the world kindness”
“I wish the world lovely relationships”
“I wish the world happiness”, etc.

The more often you wish the world the best, the better your health and relationships become. As what you wish – comes to you multiplied!

No needs to say, that if you or somebody else wishes the world and people evil or troubles – they get the troubles back themselves, multiplied…

When you wish the world everything the best on regular basis,

…thus, removing blocks of fear, loneliness, selfishness, etc

from the purest and wonderful source of life,

Wishing the world whatever you need every morning and night before falling asleep, you start noticing that your relationships become better and better, you attract interesting and kind people, etc, etc, etc.

Each of your wish opens the best possibilities in the form of purest intelligent and loving energy of the universe!

When you world the world friendly attention to each other and kindness

Your fears become less as they shrink in size to dissapear
…opening fresh space and energy for best relationships

I wish you happiness on your own terms,
Natalia Levis-Fox