Monday, October 29, 2012

Art: Power and Inner Comfort

We have already discussed with you the influence of art on people.
Previous topics:

Today we shall add another aspect of this mystery.
Now, there is a very simple question for you:

Why do some people ignore art and artworks in their homes?

Quite right!  Nobody told them that artworks made with love, radiate happiness and wellness.

We all love and defend our personal space. It is very intimate. We keep our secrets there. It’s the space of comfort and we never let anybody there, right?

When we add artworks to this space, which keep our personal meaning, we acquire silent friends. Artworks become infinite sources of fresh energy and inspiration. These beautiful soundless friends will never betray you!

There is another question for you:

Tell me, what kind of men do women prefer? – Sexy, radiating physical power, charisma,generocity and intelligence!  
If you count money or speculate about prices in the presence of a real woman – she would immediately reject you as a man. She would treat you politely. But, in her inner intimate would she would despise you… It a fact.

To make you strong, sexy and attractive, I finished yesterday a big picture for you. It is made of 100% wool fibers in a felting technique. It is very pleasant at a touch and gives you the feeling of natural warmth.

When your eyes scan it, the whole body is fed with satisfaction, self-assurance and strength.

Red bull, is flying in the snow-white space of pure Divine energy, emanating the best male’s qualities…

N. Levis-Fox. Winner. Male Power. Toro. Corrida.
Felting, 100% pure wool.
Size 79 X 84 cm with baguette

If you can not afford to buy the original, Levis-Fox Art Gallery will make a print on canvas for you.

The photo of this artwork was taken this beautiful morning, under the apricot tree, coverd with golden leaves. The air was chrystal. So the blue shadows just reflect amazing blue skies of Indian summer...

This picture will correct your aura, just the way women adore and worship

Natalia levis-Fox

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Psychological Humor: Train Your Boss

Did you know that bosses compete with each other?

This competition makes them vulnerable

You can use this fact and train your own boss, very much like you train your own dog…

…and make them your own ideas performer

Guess how

Natalia Levis-Fox

Friday, October 26, 2012

Psychological Humor

Are you introvert or extravert?

Do you know the difference?

Introverts look inside of themselves and find problems with their past and identity, feeling often displeased with others.

Extraverts enjoy life to the full capacity; their attention is out, scanning the space for the best things to participate!

Want to become an extravert?

Shake off your inner vision

… and look for objects and people emanating pleasure…

It’s the quickest solution to be loved everywhere!
Natalia levis-Fox

Friday, October 19, 2012

Become A Movie Star In A World Project!

We are gathering materials for a documentary film about love. It is called “You Are Loved…”

The aim of this marvelous Project is give you the divine feeling of being loved and sincerely cared.

When you are loved, you are accepted everywhere.
You are needed everywhere.
Everybody wants to be your friend.
You get better jobs.
You are a center of sincere attention.
Your family starts appreciating you.
You radiate natural charisma, charm, friendliness…

So, life becomes a miracle, a dream, a pleasure.

If you have a miraculous story to tell the world, or you know a fast method to improve somebody’s life, health and to feel wellness, join our project.

If you have very important information to contribute into the world’s wellbeing with love, please, send us your concept.

For people willing to reveal miraculous stories of love:  please, write your story, add pictures or other materials as a proof or illustration.

For people, entrepreneurs, psychologists, healers:  send us full descriptions of methods and concepts, which would help other people to heal pain, or feel loved, or become attractive, beautiful, happy, etc.

“You Are Loved…” film will make you famous all over the world!

Download the Application form

Learn more about the Project at

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Natalia Levis-Fox

Friday, October 12, 2012

You Are Loved… (part 1)

You are loved, absolutely and unconditionally… Did you know that?

You were born to be loved and live a great life, so that your dreams to come true.

If you do not feel it yet, we will tell you about all sources of love, tenderness and comfort. You are no longer alone, without support or understanding…

We do care for your happiness, pleased, joyful and wonderful smiles…

“We” are the group of people living in different countries, experts in:

- Neuroscience
- Psychology
- Fine Arts
- Culture
- Quantum Physics
- Anthropology, etc

are working over a documentary film « You Are Loved... » You will be feeling loved. It is our main goal.

Outstanding people, scientists, writers, healers, politicians, artists and ordinary people will tell you about:

1. Divine substance, as the unstoppable & unlimited spring of life and love; and we will assist you in connecting to this source.

2. Intelligence as the source of high quality and interesting life

3. Secrets of marvelous Time and Space, and how to use them everyday life.  Vitality & Miracles Formula

4. Mind, its known and unknown properties: how to heal mind and problems

5. Human psychics, which is always healthy (!) when you know what it really means

6. Emotions, their origin and physiology

7. Happiness, its basis, where and how to find it

8. New, unlimited possibilities and capabilities for satisfying life, where to find them and how to use them/

9. Secrets of absolute health and a Divine model of human beings.

10. Mystery of water and air, their marvelous properties. We will show you how to charge them with miracles for your own sake, health, beauty and  love

11. Neurogenesis – natural process of new and healthy neurons creation

12. Biological intelligence for your physical health

13. How to look (and actually be) young, your unfading appearance and body

14. Healthy states and how to create them: feeling good

15. Desired personal and human qualities and how to create them within minutes 

16. Friendliness, generosity and greed: influence on health, personal and intimate relations

17. Relations: how to become loved everywhere

18. Healthy and beautiful body: how to stop overeating and create a new beautiful body

19. Art as the source of love: how to feel and sense it through artworks and music

20. How to fill your home and working place with love

21. Objects of personal power and love: how to choose and charge them with miracles

22. Nice, easy and effective methods to improve the quality of your life and wellness.

23. How to heal jealousy with the “Love Formula”.

These and other topics discussed in our film and book “You Are Loved…” as well as beautiful pictures, sounds, lovely music, songs, animations, illustrations and other things will fill your life, relations, body and home with LOVE. It will never leave you… since this moment.

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to be continued…
Natalia Levis-Fox

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Do You Need To Be Loved On Your Own Conditions? (Part 2)

Yesterday we started a very important topic about being loved. 

If most of your answers were negative, then some essential human qualities are missing in your personality. The fact is: Divine Love will never find you if you don’t give your love to others!

Divine Love is constantly emanated from the Universe. It fills lives and bodies of those people, who are open to it by spreading generosity…

Here is another crucial question for you to answer sincerely:

Are you generous?

When you are generous, abundant Divine love is flowing through you and your body.

Generosity is highly rewarded. It results in the intense feeling of happiness and pleasure!

You can start being generous (= be opened for Divine Love) right now and join us - 836,104
Kiva lenders, from 66 different countries, who raised  $361,002,850 in loans. (founded in 2005) is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.  

Today we are raising a loan of $3,650 to help

to repair her house so it will be warmer.
Learn more about and add generosity to your beautiful personal qualities.

to be continued…

Natalia Levis-Fox

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Do You Need To Be Loved On Your Own Conditions? (Part 1)

Do you? Are you pleased with the quality of current relations?

Are you admired? Worshipped?

Are you popular among people you know?

Is your body caressed gently, tenderly, with love? So you that you feel high and flying?

Are you surrounded by friends? Or people you like?

Are you radiating generosity and charm?

Answer these questions honestly!

We shall go on tomorrow…

Natalia Levis-Fox

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Mysterious Artwork

Sea is a mysterious substance. It fascinates you…

When you bathe in the sea, it heals and caresses your body, filling your skin with health.

When you watch it,

it calms your restless mind, comforting… your wings are spreading…

You smell salty freshness…

Artworks about sea (seascapes) bring these beautiful qualities to you home…

…filling your space with mysterious love, dreams, comfort and health…

Levis-Fox Art Gallery invites you to admire and bring miracles to your homes and offices with mysterious seascapes by

Alexander Mifortin,
Modern Russian artist, writer and composer

His pictures, even prints of canvas plunge you in the middle of Ocean of Love and miracles!

To test this idea physically, just open Gallery Page, enlarge Alexander’s pictures

put your palm close to the computer screen and allow sea waves flow into your body and soul with comfort and love and absolute health.

If you sensed this mystery, tell us about your sensations and feelings…

Links to his pages in Levis-Fox Art Gallery

Natalia Levis-Fox