Monday, August 31, 2015

Home Creative Ideas: House in Forest

P.S. Old furniture and garden objects can be painted with colors of your dreams

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Natalia Levis-Fox

Sex Intelligence: Erotic Aristocracy

The real sex love is the one,
Which begins with timid tenderness and warmth,
And finishes with wild passion…

I got a letter from a man, living in one European country. He asked why I write so much about sex and even published my book.

This question surprised me. So, I decided to outline the concept standing under all my publications on this topic.

As psychologist, I deal with people - both men and women - who are dissatisfied with the quality of their relationships. Women complain that their sex partners are too primitive in intimate relationships. Men criticize women for being ‘cold’ ‘tight’ and not playfully inventive during sex.

The reason for this unhappiness is the absence of common knowledge about each other: physiology, needs, dreams and desires.

In other words, the subtlest energy of pleasure is not their. It comes with sex intelligence, i.e.skill and loving art of sex delight. Natural energy is released with delicate knowledge of tenderness, softness, gentleness, compassion, affection…

Then erotic love turns into paradise of bodies and souls inseparable commitment. Lovers become as one.

This type of loving mutual pleasure I call “Erotic Aristocracy”. You can also use this term to enrich your relationships, based on scientific information and experience of very talented in sex people. These ideas I collected in my “Erotic Secrets with Fun” ebook, so that your erotic experience was rich and pleasing.

Be loved the way you want to!

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Natalia Levis-Fox

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sex Rules: Test Man in Bed

If you want to know, how a man makes love,
Watch, how he drives a car or a bike...
Fabio Volo
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Natalia Levis-Fox

Creative Home Design: Tiny Bathroom

Life must be comfortably beautiful…
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Natalia Levis-Fox

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dr. Murphy’s Erotic Law: Desires. Reality. Dreams

Erotic desire comes both from what you see and dream about.
Your brain does not make the difference!
Erotic dreams elicit pleasure from sex mind correspondingly…

No wonder men dream regularly at their working places…

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Natalia Levis-Fox

Home Design: Luxurious Old-Fashioned Kitchen

Beautiful, right?

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Natalia Levis-Fox