Friday, January 31, 2014

Murphy’s Law about Breasts and Appearance

The better breasts are seen,
the less your face is important and remembered.

If your breasts are not big, do not worry! You may use the knowledge about your type of beauty out of four. 

 It will make you feel much better.

Life is for love adventures… you won’t buy it for money…
Natalia Levis-Fox,

Funny Cat Is Enjoying Music

I decided to create a set of pictures with funny and nice cats. They will be done out of either bright clay on glass, or woolen multicolored fibers.

This one was the first two years ago. I was furious. When the cat was finished, the situation revealed with humor.

What do you create with your own hands?

Natalia Levis-Fox

Murphy’s Law about Age and Improvements

Have you postponed lovely relationships for the future?

This is your lonely cute future…

Nothing is getting better with age!

Natalia Levis-Fox

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Art Ideas for Office

Continued from article “Oasis of Spring in Winter” 

If your office is situated in attic (like mine), you can add some artistic charm to it.  It is very good and healthy to spend much of the working time in a beautifully arranged space.

This is how my home office looks at daytime

Painted snow-white walls enlarge the space. White color is very healthy by itself. It makes our lungs vibrate and resonate with absolute fitness.

Bright spots of abstract artworks make your eyes release dopamine – neuro chemicals of creative and daring mood.

Natalia Levis-Fox. “Passion.”
Abstract painting on relief wooden plate, 2011

Green lamp on the floor adds vitality and comfort…

…especially in the evening, preventing your fatigue…

You can also paint your office door,

using any abstract lines, your imagination offers.

There is only one ‘minus’ of this beautiful office. It is impossible to send visitors away. They use a lot of tricks to stay longer in this terrific place… everybody loves comfort and loveliness.

Natalia Levis-Fox

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Murphy’s Law About Sins And Pleasure

Conscience does not keep you from sins.

It prevents from getting pleasure…

You suspected it, right?

Natalia Levis-Fox

How To Become Brave And Strong?

Most people become brave in public or under alcohol… they need spectators to appreciate their braveness.

The question is ‘How to become brave and physically strong in everyday life?’

The answer to this question lies literally under your feet! I want to share the greatest secret with you. To understand the essence of this nice and healthy method, read the article about Root Chakra first (from this blog).

Or, go directly to my website and download ‘Zero Chakra’ .ppt presentation to find out what is what (t the bottom of page):

Nice Quick Method

The ‘cloud’ under your feet (root or zero chakra)
is the source of your physical power, daring and courage.

It is for your body.

If your body has no physical substances of daring, courage and bravery, your fear will make you careful or scared.

According to ancient Chinese medicine, the channel of spleen begins from your feet. Spleen is known for feeding body, skin, hair, nails, muscles and organs with nutrients. Earth itself feeds the nutritive complex, consisting of spleen and stomach. 

So, if you need brave moods and powers, start ‘drinking’ courage physical power by your feet from the cloud. 

Do it as long as it takes your to stand up and walk around the room. You might want to leave the house and go out. All depends of strength of your desire.

Since this moment, you will be practicing your knowledge about this ‘cloud-feeding-principle’ everywhere and regularly. Physically, it takes time for nature to generate substances, which correspond to bravery, courage and daring.

You will be reminding to yourself, that you literally walk on courage everywhere.

Knowledge is power!
Natalia Levis-Fox

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Crown Chakra And Your Connection To Source

The Crown Chakra influences your connection to source.

Location: Top of the head

The Chakra of divine consciousness.

Energies: Air, meditative, intuition, promotes thought

You know your Crown Chakra is STRONG when you perpetually feel connected to a higher power, be it God, Universal Consciousness or simply your higher self.

As you go through your daily life, you are always reminded that you are being watched over, and you feel immense gratitude for the universal love and appreciation you feel towards yourself and others. Others describe you as “glowing”.

You know your Crown Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED when you feel little or no connection to a higher power, and always feel alone. You feel unworthy of spiritual help, and perhaps even angry that your higher power has abandoned you. You often suffer from migraines and tension headaches.

How to open this connection with the source of life and intelligence?

I know only one way to do it. Each person can express their intent, knowingly and willingly, to be connected to the fresh, unlimited and marvelous energy of life, coming from the Divine Source.

Divine Source energy profusion

It can be done in the individual form and manner, with own words, out of personal understanding.

After this act of it is good to express gratitude for the Divine Source of everything the best for understanding your sincere intent.

Spirituality is a marvelous energy from the Source, making your life interesting, full of miracles, fresh and nice ideas.

Spirituality does not mean that you go to church or join religious groups, or sing mantras, or practice meditations…

Spirituality is the highest quality of life with best human feelings, warmth and friendliness. ‘Highest’ means the subtlest shades of meaning and understanding and not just physical position in the skies over your head.

You can read the article “Difference between Intention and Prayer” in this blog to clarify your knowledge and personal position.

Natalia Levis-Fox

Murphy’s Law: Memory in Sex Relationships

A woman never forgets the man and pleasure she had succeeded with…

A man never forgets the woman he had failed with…

Is it true?
Natalia Levis-Fox

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Caucasus: Elbrus, Skiing and Free Riding Paradise

I was on Elbrus today to test snow. Not much of the snow yet, but the sliding is terrific. January and February are the best months for skiing.

Winter on Elbrus is a real fiesta of colors, happy people and rest

On the way home (180 km) I was astonished by the coming fog from the valley.

It was visibly upraising

…looking like white clouds first…

…quickly turning into darkness

What are your impressions of the weekend?

Natalia Levis-Fox

Friday, January 24, 2014

Murphy’s Law: Women and Shadows

Any woman is like a shadow:

If you follow her, she runs away;

If you run away from her

– she is following you everywhere...

Life without humor is boring, right?

Natalia Levis-Fox

The Intuitive Chakra

The Intuitive Chakra influences your intuition.

Location: Center of the forehead
This Chakra acts as your inner compass
Energies: Air, meditative, intuition, promotes thought
You know your Intuitive Chakra is STRONG when you are able to make accurate intuitive decisions and evaluations about your career, your family and the intentions of other people.

You often know things without knowing exactly how you know them, and you have a clear sense of direction and clarity in everything that you do. You have a vivid picture of where your life is headed, and the people around you are likely to rely on you for guidance and advice.

You know your Intuitive Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED if you feel lost and helpless when faced with decisions and judgment calls.

You are indecisive, uncommitted and unconfident of the decisions you end up making, because you have a history of making the wrong ones. You feel spiritually lost, and your true purpose is unclear to you. You often get headaches and feel tension in your brow area.

Intuition is usually is well-developed in people, who often deal with dangerous situations, either professionally, or in everyday life. Threatening life situations cause the rise of intuition just to stay alive.

Intuition, i.e. vision and events prediction is also used in broader, more intelligent meaning. We call it “to have the picture of the world”.

The most preferable and safe way to open this chakra as well as your talents is to develop and master your intelligence. It begins with forming concepts about things that are important to you. Concepts are abstract ideas in their systematic vision, i.e. understanding.

You can also use this approach to things that you do not understand. For instance, take the word “MIND” and make an extensive research of this notion. Begin with Oxford dictionary.

  1. Get acquainted with different meanings of this notion.
  2. Find out its synonyms and antonyms.
  3. Write down all the expressions with this word (from different dictionaries).
  4. Find out etymology (origin) of this word.
  5. Explore the meaning of this important notion in other languages.
  6. Make a diagram of this word in connection with other words and set expressions.

You may discover that your own understanding of the word ‘mind’ was very limited. After your philological and philosophical research, your intelligence will be considerably enriched. Your vision of your own mind will be broader and healthier.

Believe it or not, very soon there will appear situation, when you will have a chance to reveal your systematic knowledge about ‘MIND’ in public. It will surprise your colleagues or friends…

Articles on intelligence from this blog:

Intelligent people are welcomed and adored everywhere!

Natalia Levis-Fox

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Murphy’s Law About Males and Females Love

A woman loves the man for his love to her.

A man loves a woman for he loves women in general...

And you?

Natalia Levis-Fox

The Throat Chakra: Your Self-Expression


Continued from  Part  VI

The Throat Chakra influences your self-expression.

Location: Throat

“The Chakra of your “true voice”
Energies: Water, calming, soothes, relaxes

You know your Throat Chakra is STRONG when you are good at voicing out your thoughts, ideas and emotions to those around you.

You’re admired for your willpower and strong communication skills, and your conviction to speak the truth, even if it may be uncomfortable to some. Your career and personal life are enriched as a result.

You know your Throat Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED when you constantly feel like nobody cares about your opinions, and that you have nothing of value to say. You’re likely to be known as the ‘quiet one’ in your professional and social circles, and you frequently settle with following other people’s opinions. You often suffer from a blocked and sore throat.

People with weak or closed Throat Chakra remind of a humorous personage from my book “Laugh at them!”

At public

Home alone



and enjoy at

Self-expression and public speaking are nothing but well-trained skills. If you are scared or shy in self-expression publically, you can start practicing right away with the nice, funny and fast working methods with my book

Natalia Levis-Fox
“Fear Loss Erotica Method”
Smashwords Edition
ISBN: 978-1-4659-8439-5

The book is written out of humor, fun and love to people. All methods you find there had already liberated plenty of my patients and students from shyness and public fear speaking.

The methods have also solid scientific backing. They are organized around the inspiring word ‘erotic’, the most valuable notion and process among adult people.

Research indicates that words paint concepts in our minds [1]. Although processing of visual and auditory information occurs along completely separate pathways, the visual and auditory processing routes converge to end up firing the same single neurons.

Concepts are encoded even by single neuron in a very abstract way: a pleasant and meaningful picture can evoke both written and spoken texts (i.e. organized around the novel concept of turning uneasiness into loveable erotic experience). Brain is capable to create a high level of abstraction, which is important for perception and memory formation given that we tend to remember abstract concepts and forget irrelevant details.

The key words of this erotic experience become attractors or central cores for the enriched understanding of your power and yourself.

P.S. Personally, I do not like the word and notion “influence”. Instead, I prefer to use the “serves as a source” and “supply”. May be, you will like it too.

Live with humor!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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