Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Elicit Pleasure from People and Objects You Dislike

Do you believe that you can feel good by noticing or watching people, things or objects, which seem ugly to you?

Let us practice to discover the truth.

Find some unattractive, old objects at home. Pictures of people you dislike from magazines or newspapers, can also suit perfectly. If your house or apartment does not contain such a nonsense, so much the better! Then turn on TV.

Point at person or object you dislike with your index fingers.

You point at objects or people you dislike and say: “It’s not me!”

The unexpected results:
  • your mood rises immediately;
  • you start thinking the best of you;
  • you have fun;
  • you stop criticizing yourself, your appearance and your body;

  • your knowledge and attention expand beyond the boundaries of your “inner world”, i.e. your shell.

Many people look in the world out of their shells for the reason of safety and fear not to suffer again!

Important note! Some people think that their “inner world” exists in their heads or bodies. It’s a big, big mistake! Ideas, consciousness, understanding, “deep knowledge” and the world itself – everything – are in the outer space. They exist in the form of hidden possibilities, like invisible molecules of oxygen. We know about them but never notice due their tiny size.


Nice and quick methods from my book


Natalia Levis-Fox,

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fun In Ceramic Artworks

I love cats and you?

Cats bring tenderness and feeling of fluffy comfort in your home, right?

It’s my kitten.

It is very friendly with our growing dog (8 months)

They take care of each other. It is so touching!

Yesterday I bought two ceramic cats.

Understanding and Admiration.
Size: 53 X 18 cm and 33 X 18 cm

They filled our home with fun, nice spirits and improved relationship. Each time you look at them – you smile…

3 months ago, I created this funny cat.

Natalia Levis-Fox. Cat-in-the-Funny-mood. Polymer clay on the glass

It is not very beautiful, but people enjoy it! So do I, because it serves as a talisman of laughing at ugly situations each of us meets in family life…

If you feel like having ceramic nice figures of animals, let me know. You can see some of the samples in my International Levis-Fox Art Gallery

Art fills our lives with high quality, sense of humor and a lovely physiology


Natalia Levis-Fox

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Grow Your Maleness With Plants And Flowers…

Men’s love is the object of envy and struggle. Without it, life is empty and dull. But, how can men’s love be fed and  nourished in our crazy world of business?
One of the sources is Nature.

There are plants and flowers, which raise your testosterone levels just by simply looking at them, even stealing glances occasionally.

When you put plants and flowers in your office, they serve you as a reminder of your constantly growing sexuality and power.

If you prefer fresh flowers, you can start with choosing a vase with a phallic symbol.

Even the highball glass is fine

Buy only those flowers and plants that you like yourself.

Never follow anybody else’s advice.

Even one flower on your table makes a big change!
Because you know, why it’s there

By changing flowers and water, you are renewing your males’ energy and potential.

If you prefer plants, so much the better!

They symbolize your growing sexually healthy stability.

By watering your plant, you add love to both your plant and your male’s health.

Women adore sexually strong males, as they sense them by their inner organs.

You will be surprised to find out that some women from your environment would take initiative and try to water your plants, without knowing why…

Natalia Levis-Fox

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Am Learning To Pilot “Cessna”

I love flying.

And you?

When you are a good driver and skier, you really want more, right?

So I’m leaning to pilot “Cessna”, the most reliable plane from USA.

This is my handsome and most experienced instructor

Sergey Teplych, the owner of 2 beautiful planes

…taking off

Our flight over lake “Tambukan” – where healing mud is extracted

for spa centers and hotels

in Caucasian Mineral Waters region of Russia

Caucasus is the most beautiful place in the world

…where people of different nationalities and cultures (over 100) live in peace and mutual understanding

Local market

We already discussed with you the art of eating in Dagestan

Flying over mountains and hills fills your body  and soul with excitement and intensity, we lack in our everyday life.

It opens new perspectives and talents in you

Flying and especially learning to pilot planes and helicopters makes you really, really happy…

Elbrus from “Cessna” (pink circle)

We ski on Elbrus all the year round

Mineral waters springs near Elbrus

Enjoy life!

Natalia Levis-Fox

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Art Therapy: How to Stop Overeating (Part 4)

Fast Dagestan Method
Parts 1,  2, 3

The secret of slim Dagestan women lies in their tradition always to keep sweet things, nuts, fruits, cookies and other nice tasty food on the tables all over the house:

in the kitchen

in the dining room

in your kids’ room

Whenever you or members of your family move around the place, their eyes always meet lovely plates or vases with tasty things

You pick one or two tasty things out of abundance

…enjoy them

… and you always feel satisfied

Our eyes “eat” first, before we touch and eat food.

It’s the most natural principle at our disposal. When you see plenty of beautiful and juicy looking food, available at a touch for tasting any moment, you stop overeating!

You meet no limitations for your appetite, no diets are needed.  

It’s time to enjoy life and food.  

Share your successful stories.

We love you!

Natalia Levis-Fox