Thursday, July 26, 2012

Attract Love with Candles

You have power to attract your soul mate, love or sex partner with candles

Candles and candleholders are the best love and sex symbols. As they give the quickest effect of attracting candidates for your satisfying life.
When you light up candles with purpose, you automatically attract a lover or a loving you person. It is a green light for the universe to deliver you what you want. It is a sign that you are expecting miracles.

You can easily put candles even in your office

They will enforce your maleness

or femaleness

… just by the fact of their simple presence… with your intent…

A woman and a man: a cave and a …

Lightened together - as symbols of feminineness and manliness, - candles make you closer to each other.

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Natalia Levis-Fox

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Quickest Method of Feeling Good

If you are at home, stretch your index fingers, stand up and go around your apartment, point at every nice thing in your room, kitchen, bath-room, etc., saying: “IT FEELS GOOD”

You point at every nice thing in your room, kitchen, bathroom, etc., and say:
 Joy and pleasure are filling you

When you were a small kid, you were prohibited to touch beautiful and expensive things for the fear to destroy or break them. Now you buy lovely things on your choice.

This funny method has amazing results: your brain records this invaluable experience with words and actions to your own liking of a grown-up person.

Moreover, you’ll be noticing fine-looking things, objects, trifles, animals, plants, flowers and trees in the surrounding environment very much like a highly professional art designer and photographer.
Point at things which you like, and enjoy the sensation

And be sure, absolutely sure that neither depression, nor anxiety will have any place in your life.

From my book “How To Create Love” (published at Smashwords)

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Natalia Levis-Fox

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pain and Pleasure

Consulting clients as well as just talking to people displayed a very odd tendency.

People avoid talking about pleasure. Even the word itself is very rarely even pronounced.

Instead, people eagerly talk about pain and feel sorry for each other about hurting and unhappy situations.

Why? Did you ask yourself about it? Do you know the answer?

Cross-cultural research indicates that a pleasure-prone personality rarely displays violence or aggressive behaviors, and a violent personality has little ability to tolerate, experience, or enjoy sensuously pleasing activities. As either violence or pleasure goes up, the other goes down.

Nevertheless, people are constantly in search of new forms of pleasure, yet most of our 'pleasure' activities appear to be substitutes for the natural sensory pleasures of touching. These include:
- overeating
- seeking for social approval
- alcohol and drugs
- self-show, etc.
We touch for pleasure or for pain or we don't touch at all.  The deprivation of physical sensory pleasure is the principal root cause of violence.  Laboratory experiments with animals show that pleasure and violence have a reciprocal relationship, that is, the presence of one inhibits the other.

The reciprocal relationship of pleasure and violence is highly significant because certain sensory experiences during the formative periods of development will create a neuropsychological predisposition for either violence-seeking or pleasure-seeking behaviors later in life.

A lack of tender, loving patting, caressing touches and emotional approval - sensory deprivation, somatosensory deprivation in childhood – form the basis of pain in adulthood. We explore this topic in our international project

You can download 2 chapters of the book for free. Or, we will send you this report in PDF by email from Just let us know.

Brandt F. Steele and C. B. Pollock, psychiatrists at the University of Colorado, who studied child abuse in three generations of families who physically abused their children, found that parents who abused their children were invariably deprived of physical affection themselves during childhood and that their adult sex life was extremely poor.
Unsatisfied, people reprimand and accuse others in their problems

How many of us feel like assaulting someone
after we have just experienced orgasm?
(James W. Prescott, 1975)

Aristotle (Nichomachean Ethics, Book 7) indicates that the reciprocal relationship between pleasure and pain, and recognized that a compulsive search for bodily pleasure originates from a state of bodily discomfort and pain. “We must now explain why the pleasures of the body appear to be more desirable. The first reason, then, is that pleasure drives out pain. When men experience an excess of pain, they pursue excessive pleasure and bodily pleasure in general, in the belief that it will remedy the pain. These remedial (pleasures) become very intense—and that is the very reason why they are pursued because they are experienced in contrast with their opposite. (Nichomachean Ethics, Book 7)  

As a left-handed child, I experienced physical abuse myself. My father used a leather belt for beating me. When I turn back now, I understand that my life with my parents in a socially ‘well-to-do’ family was like living in a camp of enemies. This low quality life extended to now, no matter how competent and prosperous I am now.

Yet, long standing research, desire to find solutions expressed itself in my new book

Natalia Levis-Fox. “Pain? Gone!”

It will be published at the end of August as an ebook. It contains easy explanations and nice methods in developing receptors and information substance for physical pleasure.

Let me know, if the topic is interesting and useful for you, OK?

Natalia Levis-Fox

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fast fear loss methods: public speaking

If you are the sort of person who is struggling to deliver a speech or presentation, just imagine the audience totally naked!

Everybody is nude, and they are listening to you.
You are fully dressed, elegant & intelligent, original.
The smile is playing on your lips and you adore them…

Train it by adding details as many times as it satisfies you.

Enjoy this and other nice methods in my book “Fear Loss Erotica Method
Elicit pleasure from your ‘problems’ with fun.

Humor is healing!

You are better than anybody else is in this world.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Are you a pleasure seeker?

Answer this question!

Yes or no?

If not, you have all chances to start now, otherwise, your healthy and beautiful Nature will keep fading…

Neurobiologists discovered (Esch & Stefano, 2004) that seeking for love, pleasure and beauty is highly rewarding, and as the biological function, it ensures the improvement of species through advantageous experiences.

Esch T, Stefano GB. The neurobiology of pleasure, reward processes, addiction and their health implications. Neuro endocrinology Letters 2004; 25:235–51.

Join us in Art Club and start selling nice trifles. It’s fun! Selling and buying is a real pleasure…

Expecting customers… or when your parcel with the purchased item will arrive from another part of the world… a person who sold it for you, had packed it carefully, with love… he or she is worrying if the item arrived safely…  wondering if  you like it…  

It is so pleasant that somebody cares for you… even not knowing you, personally, right?

First item for $15 is

Love Attractor.
Crystal vase for candles with fascinating effects.
Stained glass paints. Size: 10 X 10 X 10 cm
(NoBullArt Gallery sells it for $ 85)

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Magic healing methods from Africa for women

So called ‘white magic’ in its different forms there had been used in Africa for centuries.

Each lady can create a doll and make it the object of illnesses and disasters attraction.

In other words, your doll will neutralize problems, by accepting somebody’s envy and other unpleasant things or wishes, instead of you!

Made with your own hands, it’s very strong and effective, even at healing your current health state.

You must buy:


Some woolen fiber, the color corresponding to your own hair

Polymer clay

After you get all the components, start making the doll, with the definite intent to always heal you and accept all the problems instead of you!

1. Read and follow the instructions of work with polymer clay. Then form all body parts

2. Add joints to body parts: the doll must serve your interests for a long time.

3. Take a ceramic or glass plate/ piece of glass, put your doll model there and place it into the oven for several minutes (as recommended by a manufacturer).

4. After cooling the doll, fix woolen fiber on its head.

5. Take pin after pin and put them the doll. Each pin corresponds to the hurting or painful place of your body, head, face…  

6. While plunging pins into the doll you keep saying:

“Pain from me – to the doll!”

By doing this, you redirect pain, hurting memories, unpleasant emotions, worries, etc, to the outer world

When you are satisfied with results, thank both, the doll and magic power. This power will always neutralize any negative impact on you. Put the doll into a box, away from your active consciousness. If your doll becomes somehow damaged or broken, bury it in some distant place, far from people, and thank earth to relieve you from problems!

If your doll is not as beautiful, as you initially designed it, do not worry! You can create something better.

Look at the picture of the doll I made for one of my clients (published with her permission). This woman very quickly recovered from hurting memories of her childhood and physical pain.

Create your doll and enjoy life. You deserved it!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Magic healing methods from Africa for men

Beginning from today we shall discuss with you nice fast methods for either healing, resolving problems or getting what we want.

The people of Bacongo, who live in on the territory of Congo and Angola, have a very ancient tradition of healing. Each member of a tribe has a special wooden statue. When they find themselves in a state of a social problem, fear, illness, anxiety, depression, etc, they would go into a special place and hammer one or several nails into their statue.

Bakongo Nail Fetish

By doing this, the person redirects or addresses their problems to the outer world…

His or her strong faith into this method effectiveness allows them to go on living and focusing on daily routine, without worrying about the outcomes.

How can we use this magnificent principle nowadays? – Easily!

Find a wooden statue you love, or take a piece of wood,
- buy nails to hammer you problems into it
- “ask”, “negotiate”, or appoint the chosen statue or the piece of wood and magic power to serve you as a healer
- explain the procedure, aim and set the intend to be healed in this wonderful way, each time you start hammering nails
- thank the wood and magic power for the results you want.

This magic power of unknown origin will do the rest!

Let’s mark a very important fact. We are hammering not only the problem itself, but its origin and cause, as well as the whole paradigm of its manifestation:

- unpleasant thoughts
- sufferings
- attempts to find solutions
- negative emotions,
- blames, etc.

Many people already use this magic principle

by redirecting their problems in communication with annoying people to funny caricatures of my book “Laugh at Them!” – a source of inspiration for both therapists and their clients.

We shall discuss it with you later.

If the problem caught you at work, find any vacant room or go to the toilet, and hammer imaged nail into your imaged wooden healer with both hand. Express gratitude and leave the place!