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Funny Video: Sexy Smells

How do you smell?


Natalia Levis-Fox

Lovely Relationships: Nice Environments

Continued from Parts 1    2      3  

We live in a very rational world. Yet, love is irrational by its nature.
We have already set our minds with you towards lovely relationships. So, our rational, i.e. explicable, attitudes are engaged to advantage.  

Practicing your intent “I am attracting lovely relationships” every day, you clear your environments for miracles. Miracles occur constantly, but most of us ignore them. Or, it is better to say, preoccupied with ourselves, the impression we produce, we do not notice miracles. Love is a miracle itself and it needs to be noticed…

My earlier article “Attract   Love  with  Candles” became very popular with people from 43 countries. It means that environments organization to attract love is very important to you.  

Today we shall add some more nice love attractive attributes to your environments your home and working place.

Those who love you do notice little lovely trifles connecting with you. When you are in love, you stop criticizing the beloved person. You accept them as they are. You make their lives even more comfortable and pleasant.

If you are not in love yet and dream to (literally) fall there, add lovely trifles. Flowers are the best candidate.

If you have a big vase at home, put sunflower there.

Caress flowers with your eyes, knowingly and purposely… The secret smile will play on your lips. It is the smile of happiness. Love will appear in your home.

You can also create object of love turning simple things into love containers.

A bottle from salt baths with simple geranium
can become this lovely trifle, known only to you…

Go to the wild, find chamomiles and enjoy their beauty.

Chamomiles are the symbol of love in most cultures.

Bring some flowers home

Even one flower, put in a small vase will attract love into your home

Get a kitten.

Its appearance in your home will fill it with vitality,

If you travel a lot, you can get ceramic cats… and fun

…or place a nice picture on the wall…

Live by your dreams and lovely relationships!
Natalia Levis-Fox

Friday, July 19, 2013

Lovely Relationships: How to Attract (Part III)

Continued from Part   I  and    2

There is a well-known biological fact that women prefer to seek for love and men for good sex. However, none can live a satisfying life without lovely relationships. How to attract a loving relationships?

Here is the method.

Step I: Turning Your Need into Your Goal

Confess that you cannot live without lovely and satisfying relationships and make it your goal.

In theory, all goals are definitely achievable, but in your reality you probably don't really believe it's possible, so it won't happen.

Therefore, we shall turn your need in lovely relationships into goal. Believe it or not, miracles do happen, when you express your persistence, until you get what you want!

This goal of yours can be accomplished within a few months.
You might want to have just one real lovely date in the next three months. Not nearly as thrilling of a goal, but a fantastic step towards a better life.

Step 2: Create a Declaration of Intent Once a Day

every morning, write down the goal you've picked. Whatever it is you want to experience, just write it down once a day. A good format to use is a short sentence, which begins with "I am now attracting...", "I am now creating...", "I will now..." or "I now intend...

Linguistically you can do it differently, but meaning remains the same.

For example:

"I Am Now Attracting A Loving Relationship Into My Life."
"I Will Now Attract A Loving Relationship Into My Life."
"I Now Intend To Attract A Loving Relationship Into My Life."

If you say, "I am now with my ideal partner" you will immediately feel the lie even before you finish saying it.

However, a statement which begins "I am now attracting..." or "I now intend..." is true (at least while you are saying it) and holds no contradiction in your emotions. Of course, this is different for everyone, so find a wording that works for you.

Step 3: Celebrate Your Future Success

After writing down your goal, mentally place yourself in the future, to a day where your goal has been accomplished, and feel the happiness and excitement you would be feeling, knowing that you have accomplished your goal.

Just pretend it is, for example, three months from today, and on that day you have reached your goal. Let's say that this future day is the day you enjoy the lovely and satisfying relationship you've been dreaming about.

Whatever it is, just move forward in your mind to that day, and PRETEND that your goal has been reached, and FEEL the emotions, which you would feel if you had actually reached your goal.

Feel the happiness, feel the success, feel the proud accomplishment of knowing that you can use your own inner power to change your life. Imagine what next goal you'll now go for since you've reached this first one. Plan a celebration for yourself, and imagine how great you will feel when you celebrate your accomplishment.

Just generate that positive emotion for a minute or two, and just bask in it for a few moments.

Step 4: Ask For Help From Your Future Self

Now, while you are enjoying that feeling, looking back to today from that future moment, ask yourself what single action you can take, today, to bring your goal to you faster.

The future you, which has accomplished your goal, knows what steps need to be taken. From this vantage point, you can ask yourself what is the next most practical action you can take.

When you get the answer, write it down, and take that action at some point during the day.

Taking action, no matter how small, is the fastest and surest way of convincing your subconscious mind that you are serious, and will do wonders for the quick manifestation of your goals.

A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: You might belong to the type of people who had never experienced lovely relationships in their lives. On the other hand, you might have chosen once not to think about your future, plan it or expect anything beautiful out of life. In this case, steps 3-4 will be useless for you.

There are several things, which will work for you perfectly:


go and buy

or order new clothes, shoes for your lovely relationships. The desired person may appear unexpectedly, so you must be ready.


change your perfume, cosmetics and add natural scents to your body


take massage, so that your body will grow receptors
for pleasant touching and caressing in lovely relationships

d) change your car


master a new style of walking

f) change your hair style and color


enjoy your new looks in new clothes in front of mirror,
admire your changes, just the way your soul mate would do…

(We shall discuss other effective measures in later articles)

Step 5: Choose the Same Thing Every Day

Do this daily, until you are done. Work on only one goal at a time, and don't change goals unless you decide you no longer want the one you started working on. If you no longer want the goal, choose a new one and start again. But if you do want your original, don't stop until you have it.

WARNING: Lack Of Persistence Is The Number One Reason Why People Do Not Reach Their Goals.

If you give up before you reach your goal, you obviously don't want it very much, do you?

Pick a goal that you cannot live without, and start again...

This method only takes about 5 or 10 minutes with your morning coffee and works flawlessly.

Good luck to you!

P.S. This article is based on materials from Ilya Alexi’s book “Mind Over Money”


Natalia Levis-Fox

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lovely Relationships: How to Attract (Part II)

Continued from Part I

Those people, who failed to live in lovely relationships, seem to have fear to suffer, if they would fall in love and that another person would disappear. Right?

They would remind this nice animal 
wanting and fearing at the same time

Wanting something you need badly, as neuroscience  discovered, gives rise to overwhelming.

Did you know that you already have everything you need?

We are overfilled with potential resources and powers. They can create miracles for us.

Right now, they are sleeping and waiting to be vitalized…

Each of us has a magic mind. Unfortunately, incompetent people, parents including, had programmed it in the wrong directions, where real desired success and lovely relationships are missing.

Anyway, we can organize our minds to serve us for satisfying life.

- How?
- By organizing your marvelous mind in getting what we want.

Consider this information. Fresh ideas might occur to you.

Tomorrow we shall master a beautiful method, which always brings beautiful results.


Natalia Levis-Fox

Lovely Relationships: How to Attract (Part I)

We can be high-class specialists, respected and valued by others, We could live an interesting life, make good money, read books, travel, sparkle with humor in friendly environments. However, without lovely relationships we feel empty, no matter how tricky we try to hide this fact from ourselves.

Nothing can ever substitute lovely relationships – the type of satisfying interaction between two people: a man and a woman. Love is a very rich natural context, where only the best human qualities manifest themselves effortlessly. Love unites people, enriching feelings and magnifying pleasant sensations and emotions.

People in love can talk about everything in the world. Being in each other’s company brings forward comfort, inspiration, mutual respect, easiness.

How do we recognize lovely relationships? – Immediately, by the feeling of shyness and tenderness, felling good, the desire to meet often and being together with each other physically as long as possible.

Where to meet your matching half? Nowadays we use Internet, exploring social networks. Of course, virtual communication with so-called “friends” adds nice feelings to our current states.

Yet, not a single intelligent computer or a virtual friend will ever caress you physically, touching your body, your skin, your hair, your lips with tenderness, love and desire…  to experience mutual pleasure…

There are many methods to attract love, some of them we have already discussed with you.

To be continued

Natalia Levis-Fox

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Italy: Wings of Love (Part II)

Continued from Part I

When you travel, you usually deal with those people, who make your rest comfortable and tasty.

In the whole, Italian people are very nice and friendly. Even drivers who violate the rules In Rome, smile at each other, letting the road.

I usually make photos of those, who impressed me as bright personalities.
Here are some of my pictures:

Carmen, a charming girl from Rimini

Restaurant owner near Vatican

Italian Lady in her boutique

Indian Nuns in Vatican

A waiter in Firenze, radiating humor and something inexplicably good, charismatic

Our bus driver to Rome

Of course, Italy is overcrowded with tourists. You can also see very strange people like these

two fakirs in the center of Rome

One of them is sitting and holding a metal tube with a plate or a small platform. The other one is sitting cross-legged on top, both motionless, for hours.

Italian policemen are very serious and never interfere, until you ask them

In Firenze

Italian language is very musical with sexy overtones and charisma.

Italian men are certainly a wonder, created for love…

Elderly people were a real surprise to me. They obviously feel happy and at ease. They travel, dance join their friends in restaurants for dinner. They take care of their grandchildren with pleasure, their families adore them in return…

No wonder Italy is the cradle of art and excellent food!
P.S. All pictures of people were made with their permission


Natalia Levis-Fox

Monday, July 15, 2013

Art Master-Class: Bright Design for Your Bathroom

Any bathroom can be ‘vitalized’.

Today we shall paint the  mirror frame, shelves and towers holder in your bathroom.

This is what I managed to create. In reality, it looks much better. When you enter your bathroom and see your artwork, your spirits raise automatically.

We will need bright acrylic paints you can find in any supermarket or shop for kids. Acrylic paints cover any surface ideally: wood or plastic. To add even more charm and style, you can get some perl paints; they are usually sold in small boxes. We will also need a brush and nitro lacquer, which dries within an hour.

The whole process will take several hours, plenty of pleasure and fun.

There are no rules in creating this design.

Allow your hand to make any shape and color. There will be gaps between spots. Let the surface dry (15-25 minutes) between covers.

As soon as you are satisfied with results, apply nitro lacquer, It dries about an hour.

Before fixing your painted objects, wash them with cold water. 

The painted shelf under the mirror will never look untidy; no spots from soap and shaving crème will be seen.

You can also add some green color to your bathroom in the form of artificial plans (if you have no window for real plants in pots)

If there is a niche on the wall, you could make a stained glass picture yourself (!) Then you will install the lamp behind your stained glass masterpiece. And your bathroom will turn into the box of miracles.  But that is another story.

Next time we shall create stained glass pictures.

When your bathroom artworks are ready, make pictures and send them to me

I will publish them in my Levis-Fox Art Gallery. You will be famous!

Russian version of the article 

Natalia Levis-Fox