Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Murphy’s Law About Wisdom and Silly Deeds

Wisdom has one big weakness:

it has neither drive nor power to seek and participate in adventures.

Are you still seeking for adventures? Where? How?

Or does wisdom already keep you old?

Natalia Levis-Fox

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How I Will Love You Tonight

You are already on your way home and you are smiling. You are no longer alone. You know that I always wait for your coming home. No matter where you are, no matter how long you stay away. 

Comfort, warmth and understanding are always for you. More than that, you are free to do whatever you choose. Your spirit is young and strong as ever. Freedom is you best quality!

You are like a young stallion, powerful and impatient…

You are like a panther…

…when you are hunting and chasing… 

Every day you are becoming stronger and more handsome.

You are like vintage wine:

…rich with thousands of shades of taste…

Your kisses make the head light and body fly high…

You smell of power, wild liberty and fresh air.

Knowing that you are close to home, I am making a luxurious bath for you. I put your favorite

camomiles into a cup of milk,

…several drops of clover oil and…

St. John’s wort oil…

These herbs in the bath are very good for you. They are males’ natural health suppliers. Together with my love and admiration of you, they will relax your tired muscles and fill your skin with natural freshness, ease and power.

Milk will add tenderness… and you will be lazing happily… recovering from your day’s problems, negotiations and meetings…

Every day you meet plenty of people. Not all of them are pleasant to deal with. But this is your job. You are highly professional and very intelligent to solve every situation and challenge, because you are very human and talented.

You will come home and smile at me, but would not show how tired you are. Your beautiful eyes are so dear to me. Their expression will be unreadable at first. This is part of your risky profession. And that is why I chose you.

By the time you enter our bathroom, it will be already filled with fragrance.

After some time of solitude, when you feel better, you will call me.

Very gently, I will caress your fingers, hands and arms, washing away your tiredness and tension of the day. My singing voice will tell you funny trifles and stories about the events of the day.

Your skin will be responding with pleasure, when my loving hands will be rinsing and massaging your neck, shoulders and back, relaxing your strong and beautiful body, inch by inch.

Then you will give me your toes, one by one, to caress them.

Then I will massage your feet, gently pressing and rubbing different vital points, telling you breath-taking-away life secrets about your beautiful male’s energy, circulating in your body. Some points give you the sensation of tickling… it makes us giggle, together. Then we laugh and I go to the kitchen area to lay the table for our late dinner…

Read the full story at  Smashwords, “Erotic Literature” or “Short Stories”

ISBN: 9781310308260
Smashwords Edition

Have a pleasant time with beloved ones…
Natalia Levis-Fox

Monday, December 16, 2013

Murphy’s Law about great and weak men

Great men make women


…and happy…

Weak men make them


What kind of male are you?

Do your love messages make women happy?

Natalia Levis-Fox

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Oasis Of Spring In Winter

It is winter: cold, snowy and frosty. As a matter of fact, I love winters and skiing. Winter brings very fresh air. It is a very big pleasure for me, catching the frosty wind…

Nevertheless, comfortable home and beauty around is also very important, right?

This is the corner of my new home office.

It is not ready, the floor is not finished yet, but I put this beautiful Spanish vase in its place.

That is the final view, decorated

These are apple-tree flowers, my favorite.

This is how a wild apple-tree is blossoming in the mountains.

Is it not a paradise we live in?

Natalia Levis-Fox

Friday, December 13, 2013

Funny Old Video: Power

Did you like it?
Natalia Levis-Fox

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do Dogs Sing Love Songs?


Like all males, my dog loves freedom. To go out any time, he made a big hole under the fence. One day a nice young She appeared through this hole. You won’t believe, but he fell in love with her! So touchy… How do I know this? It was clearly visible. He would not leave her all day. They played, He would caress her. He would even let her eat from this plate.

One day she disappeared. He would look for her everywhere. Even the suffering was obvious.

There is often music in my home. When my dog heard an Italian song : “Sempre ti amo” (I love you always), he sang from his favorite armchair…

You can also enjoy this beautiful song from my website  page
(recorded specially for you)

Initially he would sing only this song, but for the last 2 months, he would also tune with every love song he could hear.

Like every other male, my two years old dog would never miss a single female dog in their special period.

Yesterday, he brought me to the place, where one of his girl friends was hiding her tiny puppies. Five of them are the exact copies of my dog! I managed to take good pictures of the two when they were eating soup with small pieces chicken.

This one is eating chicken

This one is licking itself after soup…

So I have a very nice duty to feed puppies every morning. We have -10º of frost.

My dog at his early age

Natalia Levis-Fox

How to Stop Unpleasant Thoughts and Mood?

The quickest method to stop your unpleasant thoughts and mood is to ask one simple question:

“What miracle do I really want right now?”

If you have trouble with answering this simple question, then you could add another question:

“What will immediately make me happy/pleased/satisfied/excited?”

By asking and answering both questions (hundreds of times a day), you are installing ‘switcher to pleasure’ in your mind.

In brain, this function - swift recharger for better – is done by dopamine. Dopamine is a neurochemical, which intensifies your sensations and feelings.

Low moods or dull thoughts are nothing but an awful habit. 

They are intensive because you have no experience to think about best things spontaneously or on purpose throughout a morning, day, evening and night.

In this case, dopamine works against you,  by intensifying the trash you had been collected for years.

This trash is biting you!

By asking and answering a very simple question:

“What miracle do I really want right now?”

on a regular basis, you get a new skill of wellness. Your natural dopamine presence in your blood and brain will grow gradually!

Dopamine ensures excitement and drive without alcohol or drugs…

Natalia Levis-Fox

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Year In Georgia, Caucasus

This Christmas and New Year holidays I will spend in Georgia


There is an amusing legend about Georgia. When God was giving lands for people on Earth,

…the Georgians were busy drinking wine

and celebrating Creation of the world…

They came to God when everything had been given to other civilizations. And then they said: “Sorry, God, we are late, as we were drinking fantastic wine in your honor. God was pleased with the answer

…and gave them a beautiful land with mountains and sea,

…the land he was planning to have for Himself…

This legend reflects unforgettable truth about Georgia:

Its fertile lowlands and valleys are very good for growing fruit and grapes.

Georgia produces delicate wines.

But the main treasure in Georgia is people:

…hearted, generous, charming, friendly…


…passionate and romantic…

…with an excellent sense of humor…

I adore Georgian national food. It is something very special and tasty!

Georgia is the land of early Christianity.

Most of their chapels and cathedrals were built in Byzantium style with national traits.

I am not religious. But my acquaintance with Georgian church and Christian rituals began with a very sad event.

Years ago, my husband, a surgeon and climber died in a terrible accident under snow-slips on peak Pobeda, Tang-Shang.

Mount Pobeda, 7349 m, situated between China and Kirghizia

In alpinism, there is a tradition: to fix memorial plates on rocks for those climbers, whose bodies had never been found under tons of snow.

I am very grateful for climbers from different countries on Pobeda area, who had helped me to organize the memorial ceremony. It was so human…

Amazingly, but after that ceremony I saved life to one of the climbers – a Georgian helicopter pilot. When climbers descend fast from 7000-6000 m to 4000, there appears big problem with lungs. Luckily, under the circumstances at the height of 4200 m, the reanimation was a success. After this incident, Georgian team invited me to their beautiful country and we ordered special memorial service in one of ancient chapels…

So from time to time, I visit Georgia

and go to their main Cathedral – Mzheta – and pray 
with my own words for those who chose risky professions.

Georgia has their own skiing resorts.

If we are lucky with snow, we shall ski…

Where are you going to celebrate coming Christmas and New Year?

Will you be with those who love you?

Natalia Levis-Fox