Thursday, October 30, 2014

People: National Geographic Best Photos

Natalia Levis-Fox

A Strategy of Success for Every Purpose under Heaven

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“Do You Believe in the Worst?”

Before proceeding to read the article, refresh your memory about NLP with our previous articles to understand what mental strategies are.


“NLP: How to Read People” at:

From Dr R. Bolstad’s book “Profusion…” (see References below)

The NLP developers have studied excellence in many different areas, to identify the strategies of success.  They learned the strategies of Einstein, of Mozart of high achievers in every field.

Here is the successful creativity strategy of Walt Disney:

Vc: imagine a possible creation without any critique, just fantasising

K: do the actions of making a first model 

Ad/Ad: critique it in various ways to find out if it will really work .

K:  complete the creation                  

NLP Trainer Robert Dilts taught the details of this strategy in a highly successful course with the top managers of the huge Fiat Corporation, to enhance their business creativity.

The N.L.P. developers studied strategies for excellent sports achievement, finding how successful athletes learned from each other:

V external: watch someone doing it

K: feel what it would feel like to do that

Vc: see yourself doing it, and see what you'd see through your eyes as you do it

K/K: test it out by doing it

KI: feel good about the success.

So, you can easily plan your success. Follow the steps of the described strategies. Record your answers. Check intermediate results and correct your way to triumph. 

Learn how to become the excellence itself with Dr. Richard Bolstad.

You can also use my book

Setting Goals that Work for You
at Smashwords


  1. Dr Richard Bolstad & Margot Hamblett. Pro-fusion: Creating A Life Of Abundance With Neuro Linguistic Programming and Energy Work. NZ, 2001. ISBN 0-473-06068-X.
  2. Natalia Levis-Fox. Setting Goals That Work For You. Smashwords Inc. USA. 2011. ISBN: 9781458120809

Successful people are admired, loved and welcomed everywhere.

Natalia Levis-Fox

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kids & Animals

Natalia Levis-Fox

Quote: Lovely Relationships

When people feel good together,
it doesn’t matter, how their relationships are called
F. Dori

Yes, it is happiness when you feel happy in each other’s presence
Natalia Levis-Fox

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thoughts That Change Your Life

You can’t change your life for one night.
But you can change your thoughts in favor of the best.
And these new best thoughts will change your life for ever.

Have you tried it?
Or, have you postponed your brilliant interesting life for mythic future?
Do you know that future never comes?

Natalia Levis-Fox

Monday, October 27, 2014


Angel asked the man: “Do you want me to show your life?”
“Yes,” replied the man.
Angel lifted him to the skies over the earth and the man saw all his life. Also he noticed two pairs of foot prints, going together.
“Who is with me?” – asked the man.
 “It’s me, accompanying you everywhere,” replied Angel.
“Strange”, said the man – “Then why only one pair of footsteps is seen in some places?” “Did you leave me in my most hard and difficult times?”
“No,” answered the Angel quietly – “I was carrying you on my hands”

Is your Angel with you?
Natalia Levis-Fox

Erotic Love Secrets: Dirty Words

Men feel affection to their love organs sometimes more than for their sex partners. Nevertheless, some sex ‘dirty’ words and phrases open their fountains of love to please women the way they want it.

For women: order list of best sex phrases and words with instructions for each Type of Sexuality

Define yours and your lover’s type of sexuality (links to articles below)

Men: Three Types of Sexuality

Women: Three Types of Sexuality

Fill in the form

Sex and erotic dreams unite through words…

Natalia Levis-Fox

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Garden: Grapes in Snow

We have early winter, -6° C in the morning. I left some grapes on the vine to enjoy its juicy taste. Now they are frozen but delicious.

The snow covered grass of the green lawns

and apricot leaves are shining on the whiteness

I adore winter, snow and skiing season is very close
Natalia Levis-Fox

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Quote: Happy Life

To fill two cups with coffee every morning is the habit of happy people.
F. Dori

Let your night be fabulous…

Natalia Levis-Fox

Men: Three Types of Sexuality

Type One. Plain & Ordinary Sexuality. Most common type, majority of males’ population. Mostly left-hemispheric. Women choose this type of men because they are rather stable and predictable, 

both in relationships and family life. 

They are easily guided by ambitious women, who are not scared to loose them.

Women of Type Two Sexuality dominate them

Men of Type One Sexuality have 

quiet sex dreams;

most of their craziest fantasies occur in front of computer.

Women sometimes call them metaphorically: “Neither fish nor meat”, even though some of these men are intellectually brilliant.

Meditation kills masculinity

Ready to please women,

nevertheless, females get little satisfaction
and weak sensations from them.

Type Two. Fuckers. Quick and dominating type of males, who were born with rich and dynamic sex energy. Both left and right hemispheric types. Talented, risky, inventive and forceful, they care more about themselves in sex, than their partners. Sex with them is fast, repeated and dominant. Fuckers are proud and boastful of their own sex styles and power. Change partners often.

Showy, demonstrative, often jealous.

Fighters, they are looking forward to prove who is ‘the best here!’

In couple formation, Type Two Sexuality men prefer obedient women (usually Type One Women), who serve them faithfully all their lives, both in bed and kitchen.

They are family rulers, authoritarian fathers

and husbands.

If unsatisfied with career and quality of relationships, may become ‘home aggressors’, beating family members, especially when diagnosed with Hyperactivity backed by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Nevertheless, in the presence of Type Three women - Naturally Sexy –

they become angels.

It happens because their rich ‘sleeping’ human potential suddenly wakes up. Their relationships get romantic and erotically loving character.

Type Three.  Super & Sexy Real Men.  Very rare type.  Naturally sexy, friendly, generous and very strong in all aspects.  Mostly right-hemispheric.  Inborn winners, without proving it to anyone.  They can even stay aloof or detached, sort of shade, allowing people to express themselves, letting fighters compete with each other. Talented physically, sexually and mentally. 

Often choose extreme and extraordinary ways of experience


and professions.

This very special type of men combines in themselves the power of sex and excellent human qualities.  Not fussy, often protective, caring.  Without any efforts, quite naturally, they deliver pleasure to their women, be them one-stand-lover or a permanent girl friend.

Together with Type Three Sexy Woman they form the most brilliant union with highly satisfying relationships in all areas of life.

When falling in love

All men become super!

Read previous article: “Women: Three Types of Sexuality”

You are what type?

Natalia Levis-Fox

Friday, October 24, 2014

Kisses, Love & Pleasure

At the moments of highest tenderness, loving each other people touch each others’ lips. Their souls merge in one big wonderful feeling…

Very often lovers do not remember what was going on at this period of kiss. Our nature releases endorphins and other lovely substances in blood, inner liquids of body and brain. Loving each other people experience a wonderful feeling of good, euphoria and easiness often associated with flight.

When they part, there appears the longing for each other, akin to the addictive urge to have more.

Nobody knows when kissing appeared. In Ancient Egypt, people would rub noses against each other as the highest expression of lovely feelings.

This ritual is still practiced nowadays among Malaysians, Eskimos and Polynesians.

In China people did not kiss each other, until they saw how Europeans did it with pleasure.

In the Middle Ages if a man in Italy would kiss and embrace publically a woman, he was obliged to marry her. The European tradition of kissing in both cheeks is still popular. Such kisses are nothing but the act of pure politeness or expression of friendliness.

During loving kiss

  • our organisms become charged with fresh energy;
  • adrenalin is injected in both lovers simultaneously;
  • body and brain cells are saturated with oxygen;
  • glucocorticoid – enzyme preventing stress appearance - is being released.

Never part with beloved people! You can always kiss their lips, faces, bodies with intimate parts even at a distance, caressing their lovely image in the air, right in front of you.

Love will deliver them these beautiful sensations… 

We kiss and caress only those people, whom we love sincerely.

Natalia Levis-Fox

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Relationships: Opening Soul Words

Words are like keys.

The right words open soul and make people happy

As a proof and illustration, I want to give a short story.

Last weekend I took my dog to the mountains. You know how dogs explore unknown territories. Sometimes it is difficult to find them and have them back.

Very much like you, I give charming names to people, pets and things I love. So, I called my dog, using his very special name. All of a sudden, as a response from the balcony of a restaurant, there came an eager man’s voice: “I am here!” It was rather a cry, outburst of emotions of joy and happiness.

The man in his forties appeared within seconds, smiling with pleasure and kept telling: “I am here! You called me my favorite name!” His frightened wife appeared right after him. He did not bother with her presence. He told that nobody calls him this nice name. When my dog appeared and I started to caress its head and ears, the man signed out: “I wish I was in its place”.

Wonderful words open hearts and make people happy.

How do you call your beloved?

Natalia Levis-Fox