Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Love-Being and Intelligence

Continued from “Alternative to Ego and Self”

We are all love-beings. When you love doing something important to you, you do it with pleasure and drive.

If you love driving, you love your car. If you love riding bikes or horses, you love each of them. If you love piloting helicopters, planes or other flying devices, you adore each machine. If you love skiing or skateboarding, you love all your equipment, etc, etc, etc.

Love is an authentic feeling with profusion of sensations and actions. It  includes the process of planning, buying and looking forward to enjoy what you like.

Love is a genuine energy of the universe with unlimited and rich possibilities of delight. Like any other energy originating from Divine (Absolute, God or any other name you prefer), it has the intelligence of its own.

Intelligence is a skill of:
  1. recognizing something good to you;
  2. distinguishing it from other things, by comparing;
  3. mastering the skill of doing something valuable to you;
  4. using or applying this skill.

If you love driving, for instance, you are skilled not only in pressing the right pedals, but also in a perfect orientation on the roads, when you

  1. recognize possible dangers,
  2. foresee or predict behavior of other drivers and pedestrians,
  3. regulate speed, according to the weather and state of the road itself, plus plenty other parameters.

You may ask about love in relationships: Is is intelligent? Yes!

Genuine love, coming directly from the Source is highly intelligent. People who fall in love, especially if they are soul mates, enjoy love, friendliness and fondness to each other all their life. They are never tired of touching and caressing each other, telling good words and take pleasure in each other’s company. They think about each other and talk in terms of kindness, fondness, respect and never interfere in personal space.

How biological, social and human intelligence is expressed through sincere love?
It is the same as with driving, riding or sliding on snow:

1. You recognize it (as the immense and inexplicable comfort, ease and pleasure in the beloved person’s presence, when you do not need to play games).

2. Distinguish this person from other people by absolute knowledge that they are the best and finest.

3. You feel this person even at the distance. You enjoy and enforce their best qualities. You never criticize them and notice only positive things about them. You are genuinly happy about each other’s success and victories.

4. Within this kind of relationships Love manifests itself intellectually, i.e. you gain big success both together and in each type of endeavor individually. You are easily delicate, without sticking to your beloved one, giving them space and own time to do what they love. It is the highest social intelligence.

5. You forget about yourself and take care of each other with love and pleasure.

What if your love is not mutual?

What if the person you love, forgot about your existence and does not bother to call you, or write sms or simple messages?

What if they used you in their sexual games or just simply passed time with you?

There can be several reasons for that person not to love you. They can aleady lo ve somebody else. Or they can be closed to love and that sort of relationships for the fear that you would quit them. They might look for somebody better than you.

You can’t force another person to fall in love with you, right?

When your feeling is genuine, Love intelligence prompts you just to enjoy the process of fonding itself… Because loving somebody is the gift to you from the universe. Love makes you better. It inspires you to gain beautiful success.

Love intelligence can give you several cues to express your feelings in space:

  • as making virtual relaxing massage to that person at the end of the working day and release tiredness
  • just say good words
  • imagine them be filling with golden light of health, etc.

We live in marvelous space filled with Divine Love. Your beloved person will feel support, comfort, joy and happiness thanks to you loving care and tenderness.

Probably, universe is preparing you to bigger love. Who knows?

Love is a Mystery.

Natalia Levis-Fox

Tricky Illusion

Can you tell us what trick is hidden here?

Natalia Levis-Fox

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

Nice Sexy Method: How to Melt Anger

There are plenty of idiots among office workers, be they on governmental level or in small businesses. You know it!

Nevertheless, from time to time you feel anger or even helplessness in their presence. Do not ‘manage’ your anger to keep diplomatic or just a ‘nice person’ to everybody. It is not good for your body.

The reason they raise their voices, command or just annoy you is that you have not enough sex energy!!!!!!!!!!

When you are overfilled with sex energy, nobody dares to bark in your presence.
You open doors with a kick without bothering what they would think if you!

What can you do?
Go and buy strawberries. Choose only the best.

If you live economically, saving money, then there appears sex energy lack. Sad, but true.

Strawberries, as you know, are the symbol of erotic games and sex drive.

Ice each strawberry in a small cube and keep them in your office fridge.

When the situation comes, take one cube with a sexy berry… put it into your mouth…

Ice will melt your anger,

the sweet berry will make you dream… with pleasure…

about your delightful experience with cream love… 
… you know how…

No need to say, this method will make you sexually stronger and stronger.

Good luck!
Natalia Levis-Fox
 Skype: lefoxy5
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Abstract Art: Chains-Waves of Something You Love

Natalia Levis-Fox. “Chains-Waves of Something You Love”. 2014
Size: 30 X 46 cm. Acrylics on canvas.

Fill in the personal meaning into these nice multicolored flimsy lines and dots and you will get the new model of your dream implementation!

Fine Art America will make you a print or post card and send it to any place in the world

Natalia Levis-Fox

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Caucasus: August in Mountains

Yesterday we went to the area of Gumbashi, Karachaevo-Cherkessia, 80 km from home there is a small private ski resort ‘Mara’.

The road to this place lies among rocks and plateaus with plenty of artifacts,

originating from the time of Silk Way.
The road is practically empty, with curves

and you can race as much as it pleases you.

This is the resort itself in summer

and in winter

It is more like a family skiing area,
where the kids can master sliding on snow in safe environments.

I personally prefer to ski on Elbrus. 

Here in Mara resort we practice snow racing

This is how this place looks in August.

One of my friends has Robinson-44 helicopter

and we fly in winter…

This road leads to Elbrus, it passes the hot mineral springs. I was not there yet.

Now, in August there are still plenty of wild flowers

In the upper corner, you see leaves of a tiny birch. In several years it will be a beauty…

There air is so fresh, though it is warm, there feels the presence of icy glaciers

High in the sky, there are eagles floating (small dots on picture)

This is Caucasian eagle

On the way back, we saw horses.

My dog was watching them silently for several minutes, fascinated. Then it remembered his duty to guard me and started barking.

The horses ran away, climbing the hill

Close to home we stopped to take the picture of barley.

The sun was going down and lightening straw with golden rays

Isn’t it beautiful?

Natalia Levis-Fox,

Modern Art: Splashes of Erotic Love

Natalia Levis-Fox. “Splashes of Erotic Love”. 2011
Painting on fur. Size: 64 X 60 cm (Sold)

Photo exposed at NoBullArt Gallery, USA

I created this picture by playing with colors, moods and erotic dreams
Now it is decorating the home of a very nice person in Georgia. It brought a lot of luck to its owner.

Fine Art America will create a print for you and deliver to any place in the world

It means that my art is needed.
Life is beautiful…
Natalia Levis-Fox.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Being and Sense of Love

Continued from: “Alternative to Ego and Self”

Alongside with our 5 usual senses: Vision, Hearing, Touch, Smell and Taste we have another very important one: it is the Sense of Love.

You can find some explanation about our senses in articles “NLP: How to Read People” from this blog.

Everybody has it. In most people it manifests itself almost unconsciously when they do what they like and think about what they are fond of.

This very feeling makes us human, especially when we are aware of every moment of loving or enjoying things and people we feel affection for.

When we are aware, conscious and understand what we like and why we do it by enjoying, we become beings.

Unlike ego-centered personalities, fighting for being appreciated, admired and valued, as beings, we do things for the pleasure of doing them. This is the highest level of living.

What is love?

It is comfort, a gorgeous feeling of ease and relaxation. It comes from


beautiful things you love,




and environments we place ourselves or choose to be.

Comfort also comes from people, in whose presence you do not play roles or demonstrate yourself…

These are people, who sincerely listen to you, understand you, admire you and your achievements.

They never interrupt you with boasting about their own results.

Make a cup of coffee

Or tea

Enjoy your drink and think of people who are dear to you or give you an incredible comfort of your being…

Love is silent and relaxing…

It melts the showy ego and makes you very human…

To be continued…

Natalia Levis-Fox