Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Moscow: Psychology for Kids Project

My family affairs brought me to Moscow and keep long time from home. Since miracles are always with me, quite unexpectedly, I got invitation from

my colleague and friend Tamara Malyh to participate in conference

at the Institute of Psychology of Theoretical Research, Academy of Science, Russia

It is situated in the heart of Moscow, 300 m from Kremlin

So, yesterday I spent the whole evening in the company of understanding scientists.

Kremlin, Red Square, skating rink

Moreover, as a researcher, speaker, psychological methods developer and writer I got invitation to join the group of experts from the Institute of Psychology and other medical organizations to develop complex approach in psycho-physiological diagnosing and correction of children with cognitive dysfunctions.

It is a big honor…
We shall keep you informed about the project’s progress. If you are a doctor, medical devices developer or psychologist with fresh ideas, welcome! We shall make international publications.

Project’s lines:

- mass screenings for discovering risk groups before school
- perinatal problems, neurology, ophthalmology
- novel automatic high-tech devices, ICT in medicine
- developing algorithms and strategies in mass screening.

Keep healthy and creative!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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