Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Broken Families: a Young Mistress

Several days ago, I consulted in Moscow a 39 years old woman. She was in desperation. Her 46 years old husband, a well-kbown deputy left the family to live with his 22 years old mistress.

This is how modern Psychology explains this phenomenon. Men in their forties and fifties discover that they are rapidly growing old. They loose sex power; their attraction is lessening. More than that, in their professional and expensive hobbies environment (ex. sports, extreme, etc) they feel uneasy in the presence of younger males.

To compensate this lack they choose girls or much younger women as mistresses. These men usually have a high social status and business positions. Sex relationships give them the feeling of being young. To enforce this state men spend a lot of time, efforts and money to look younger, physically stronger and sexier in their endeavor to match their partners.

There are plenty of young females – fortune and big money seekers – around politicians and businesspersons of higher ranks, waiting for their best moment to be noticed and picked up.

Sexually addicted to young women, men loose their minds. In some cases, men leave their families, enjoying their new lives. They demonstrate the ‘loving couple front’ in their usual environments, which correspond to their high social and financial positions.

In reality, young mistresses usually call their elderly partners 


or “My money sack”. 

In time (as a rule after 1-4 years of living together), when their men are busy at daytime, 

girls actively seek for their own entertainments, lovers and ‘friends’ corresponding to their age and sex needs.

The big difference in age – 15, 20, 25 or even 30 years – has its own implications.

For instance, a young female of 22 and a man of 46 (in case of my client) belong to different generations and mentality. Their communication reminds of a talk between an adult, well-educated and successful man and a teenager! His intelligence and rich experience becomes wasted, no longer needed. He demonstrates an intellectual degradation.

Guess what they are doing together in the evenings. They are playing computer games, corresponding to her interests and intelligence!

Statistics shows, that 95% of such couples terminate their existence within 2-5 yours. The older the man grows, the more stressed he becomes. Most of elderly lovers return home, to their families or seek adult women, satisfying their needs in all sphere of their lives.

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Natalia Levis-Fox

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