Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Healing Knowledge: Origin of Mind

Human Mind is Nothiness…

It is neither strong nor weak…
It is neither big nor small…
It is neither clever nor stupid…
It is not personal and belongs to nobody…

Mind is the outer space: where things, people and the world itself can be seen or imagined.

So, you can neither own space nor hold it!

Form this point of view, Mind has neither past nor future… it is our reality.

The origin of Mind is the Universe designed for people, inhabiting Earth. It means that we can only perceive, understand and distinguish reality within the vast range of human potential… All trials to ‘see’ or ‘communicate’ with other universal modalities, ‘civilizations’, ‘space travellers’, etc, cause psychic disturbances or disorders.

When people are afraid to be ‘read mentaly’ and/or prefer to hide their own thoughts and real attitudes to other people, they construct so called ‘inner worlds’ withing their bodies. If this ‘construction’ occurred in childhood, they install and develop their ‘inner worlds’ in biological internal environment.

This biological substance becomes invaded with thoughts, personal will and negative emotions.

Guess what happens in the body?

- Right!  It starts hurting and aching. What is worse, it reacts with health problems.

Mind – the space outside the body – has a lot of hidden opportunities, i.e. unlimited potential. In every point of space, you can easily create whatever you want: events, appearance of right people, miracles, etc. In this meaning, Mind is wonderful! You just have to know how to do it. But this is another story.

You might wonder how to transfer Mind from within to outer space. For this purpose there are dozens of methods, meditation including. You can choose even abstract artworks, which resonate with your preference. As example I want to show you my picture

Natalia Levis-Fox. Zen. The Silent Mind. 2011. 14 X 14 Cm
Relief on glass, abstract, polymer clay, pleasant at touch.
Exposed at NoBullArt Gallery USA

A fascinating, elegant, multicolored artwork, which is easily silencing your mind.
It expresses the essence of comfort, thus is healing as any Zen abstract masterpiece. You can take it everywhere with you as your silent  and loving friend. 

How to use it? You can scan the lines and curves with your eyes, knowing about different opportunities lying within. For instance, different colors may associate with your own vision or desires to have something, to become something, to do something. Each abstract artwork gives you freedom to experience. Abstract artists give you an excellent chance to use your own imagination – which is always OUTSIDE of your body.

More information about Mind and ways of healing your body you will find in my ebook

It is not finished yet, as I still have some questions without answers.

Have your pleasant time by thinking about silent wonderful Mind and fantastic opportunities you will uncover in it!

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Natalia Levis-Fox

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