Sunday, March 17, 2013

How I Got My First $300 By Magic (Part I)

Like everybody else in this world, I love immediate results according to the formula: DESIRE----RESULT

Elas! Getting some things takes time, no matter how strong your desire is.

Money is not exception.

Some wise people use meditation.

They sit in this special position and meditate… meditate…meditate...

Modern neuroscience proved the healthy effects of meditation.  (Learn how your brain meditates with you, freedownload)

Even knowing that, I never can force myself to sit cross-legged and meditate. My imagination is very poor, and I cannot create vivid images of ‘me doing something in dreams’… no matter how hard I tried.

For me, sitting and imagining something is boring. I love actions and big, big money.

As a scientist and a curious person, I made an extended research about money and found out several important things:

1. Money never comes until you pay for information about it!!!!
2. You have got to create a path for it
3. Money loves expensive leather wallets and bags
4. Money loves big and famous banks with old traditions and good reputation.


1. GO and buy a nice and expensive leather wallet,

2. OPEN AN ACCOUNT in a respectful bank (in popular foreign currency),

and we shall go on in some days, OK?

To be continued…
Natalia Levis-Fox

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