Friday, March 22, 2013

How I Got My First $300 By Magic (Part II)

When you need money badly, you are looking for different ways to make it, right? Most of us expect money to appear by magic… But, money does not hurry to you. You wait and wait in vain, and you feel disappointed. Your moods fall; hope disappearing… Nevertheless, we live in a wonderful world with magic possibilities waiting for us. How to uncover them? How to make money come constantly, effortlessly, by miracles?  

The solution is simple. There is secret knowledge about wonderful possibilities, hidden by our ignorance. Yet, it is in your power to reach these magic possibilities, when you know how. Money can and must appear from nowhere!

I was expecting bank notes arriving to my hands by magic.

I got my first $300 in electronic form
Just by magic, unexpectedly, from nowhere!

E-money is very popular nowadays. I do not know about you, but I often use E-money to buy books and scientific articles from international journals. All other things can be bought in shops and markets, by touching them, trying them and liking them in reality.

When you are greedy (i.e. economic), money actively avoids you. It is a well-known fact. Invested money (knowledge included) brings even more money, than you expect.

To be continued…
Natalia Levis-Fox

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