Friday, April 5, 2013

Big Dreams And Art Of Felting

Levis-Fox Art Gallery sponsored the 1st International Felting Art Exhibition, February 20 – April 20.  Only two artists were brave to expose their artworks among thousands of masters. Jessica Ma is among them. She presented the most unusual artwork made of wool!

Golden Gate Bridge”. 3D model. 2012

Like many Chinese families, her parents liked to compare her with other kids all the time. She always thought there was nothing she could do in life would ever please them and make them proud of her. Her parents use to tell Jessica that dreams can’t buy her food.  You have to get a stable job that provides you security.  Don’t chase after something that won’t earn you money. But Jessica made something different. Her talent led her to international success!

Jessica Ma (USA). Colonial Post Box

This is her story.

Praying for a Change…

My life is simple and routine.  I have a full time job, which I have worked for 10 years.  However, I do not enjoy it at all.  No passion. No satisfaction.  I know that I have talent and passion for art; however, I do not dare to pursue it.  So life went on, but I was not happy at all.  In Winter 2011, I started to pray for a change to happen.  I wanted to do something different, most importantly something I enjoy doing.  God has answered my prayer. Instead of giving me a new job, He gave me a talent and passion to sew.  Something I have never thought of doing before but I really enjoy it now.  It is such an amazing and a rewarding experience to know that people like my felted goods.  I never knew that I can do something to touch and inspire people like this with my hands.  I know my courage to chase after dreams is coming back….finally…

All her artworks are about herself,

Jessica Ma

her childhood,

the place where she came from,

and what she loves...

Congratulate Jessica with her first international success. Leave your comments about how big dreams come true!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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