Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wild Violets By Miracles

When I learned about the origin of magic, my life became the miracle itself.
I get money by magic, I am surrounded by love, I meet very nice people, my artworks and books got worldwide popularity, my talismans bring luck to people, and on and on and on.

I have a rare hunting dog and we travel together, 

taking pictures and enjoying beauty.

Last spring I admired wild violets,  as our house is situated close to mountains and natural fields.

The impression of these flowers was so great, that I made a picture

N. Levis-Fox. Violets in the Wild.
Painting on fur. Size: 42 X 42 cm

You won’t believe, but this spring there appeared wild violets in my garden… from nowhere!

Isn’t it a miracle? We get what we admire by magic! It is the principle of the universe.

They appeared near the apricot stone…

Currently I am finishing a project about money by magic. Its goal is to let miracles flow into your life too! It consists of two pieces:

(1)    An ebook, where I uncover the origin of miracles and methods of money inflow into your home and wallet.

(2)    Two visual dynamic meditations about how money constantly flows into your wallet and home. They are made in the form of Power Point presentations, with animated methods, described in the book. These dynamic interactive animations will prevent you from disappointment and supply you with fun, pleasure and persistence to master a magic power of the universe.

Follow the news. I started to get money by magic after I had created these animated methods!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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