Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rome: Wonderful Air of Beauty

My fluffy art is designed for home. Any artwork, as you know, decorates your home. It warms you up, colors your mood, encourages in a difficult minute; it gives you the sense of beauty or being loved. People who understand it, ordered me a big panel on snow-white artificial fur with multicolored abstract design for their bedroom. So now, my artwork is in Rome, in a big villa surrounded by a gorgeous garden.

It inspires a couple with ecstatic and passionate feelings. The owners of the artwork asked me not to take any photos of it, let alone publishing the image worldwide.

So, pleased and delighted I used the chance to visit Rome. In the middle of September the city is still crowded with tourists.

Rome is incredibly beautiful at this time. The air is warm, the sky is blue and you have the feeling that you are bathing in space.

Here in this post I publish pictures of those places that touched my soul. If you had already been to Rome, the images will intensify your lovely impressions…

I also enjoyed being the center of men’s attention. 

They smiled at me, even priests.

This is Tiber.

Under blue sky with shining sun it looked green.

This is the Bridge of Angels, my favorite.

On the other side of the bridge there is a palace. Inside this palace there is a chapel, now used for concerts of classic music. Last December I listened to the best Italian opera arias there.

Like everywhere in the world, I always meet very good people.

This is Marco,

Italian policeman from Rome, who easily and kindly rendered me help in a very delicate situation. I express deep and hearted gratitude for him.

And this is part of my house, touched by Indian summer.

Rome inspired me for new creations.

Ideas for new artworks literary ‘jump out’ of fire in the sitting room.

Life is so beautiful!
What do you think?

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