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The Power of Choice

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I do not know about you, but the people I know are becoming less and less interesting. They are good at modern devices. They are in business. They are successful socially. But as people they are not charming, nice or warm. Their interests are shallow. It is not that I am snobbish or demanding. They stopped ‘developing’ and enlarging their horizons in such fields as culture, literature, art and human-beingness. Being self-satisfied, they are more like their smart phones, filled with information.

Are you interesting as a personality? Do people, your colleagues, friends or family members love to be in your presence? What talks do you have? Are they the same as several years ago? Are you content with your life?

The information below will assist you in finding out new ways to things you have not experienced yet. I got this newsletter from my colleague Aine Belton. It is slightly shortened, but very helpful.

Choice Can Change Anything In An Instant!

Where are you at with change in any area of your life right now? Desiring it, fearing it, expecting it, hoping for it, trusting it, loving it?

Choice Goes Hand-In-Hand with Change

 “That could be a single initiating choice that sparks change (very conscious, or perhaps less so), and the many choices made during any process of change.

Making choices might not always feel enjoyable, clear, or easy, however.
How about you?

Some of your worst choices were choices that you didn't make. Not choosing is a choice too. That said, a bunch of chunky choices all at once can lead to overwhelm.

Choices (made, not made, or could be made) are not always in the forefront of consciousness. It helps to bring them there.

What choice could you make TODAY that would change your life for the better now, or in the coming weeks, months, even years ahead?

Every choice has an impact to a greater or lesser extent, each like a pebble dropped in a pond; the ripples, the ramifications, spreading out into your future and other areas of your life.

One small choice made today can shift your life radically. Even if by one degree initially, over time that can make a vast difference, opening you to a new paths, possibilities, and experiences, new levels of love, happiness, health, etc.

It's amazing where one choice can lead!

What you tangibly do (your actions) are the most obvious choices, but there are choices at subtler levels, i.e. what you think and feel, your attitudes, beliefs, etc.
Those are, in fact, more powerful choices, as they influence the other ones.

Choice opens you to the realization that each moment is filled with possibility - for greater love, new beginnings, and more of all that brings you joy.
You can harness choice for change not just at cross-roads on your path, but in every moment! You can choose a new action, thought, feeling, way of life, at any time, and birth an entirely new reality as a result.

There are no 'perfect' choices, but there are choices that may be more or less serving, that you may feel more passionate about, aligned to, and inspired by, choices that move you, reflect your principles, values, and take you towards your dreams and positive realities.

They may be small choices, big choices, easy, or more challenging choices.

Owning choice – its availability, your capacity to make it, and its capacity to change your life – brings freedom and empowerment.
How to Make an Optimum Choice In Any Moment!

Inquiry Process
The below questions can also shine light on possible underlying intentions, the potential impact of your choice, the circumference of choices available, and what ones may be most serving.

These are shared for the benefit of what they can highlight through the process of asking them alone, which can increase your awareness around your choices. Some of the questions are similar in nature.

- Do I feel good when I think about making this choice?
-  What does not making this choice feel like?
- What would things be like on the other side of choice? - Imagine, step into that future, experience...)
- Does this choice make my heart sing?
- Does this choice reflect the best of who I am, who I desire to be, and the future I wish to create?
- Is this choice in alignment with my principles?
- Does this take me closer to my dreams, goals, and heart’s desires?
- Is this a fear choice?
- Is this a ‘safe choice’ keeping me from going beyond my comfort zone?
- Is this someone else’s choice?
- Is this a loving choice?
- Which ‘me’ is choosing this? Is it my child, adolescent, ego, or mature adult self?
- Is this choice coming from negative beliefs or stories?
- Is this a winner’s choice?
- Does my intuition respond positively to this choice?
- Is this a true choice of personal desire, or one of sacrifice or obligation?
- Is this an informed choice?
- What is the possible short and long-term impact of this choice? Does one cancel out the merit of the other? (For example, is your choice worth the short-term pleasure if it leads to future pain?)
- Is this choice aligned to my brightest future?
- What is the impact of this choice (on myself and others)?
- Don’t worry if you aren’t clear on answers to all these questions. As said, they are shared to aid reflection.

Simply going through them may help you become clearer about choices, bring to light possible blind-spots, open you to new perspectives in relation to your choice, and shed light on possible limiting agendas that may be impacting your choices.”

Aine Belton


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