Thursday, July 19, 2012

Magic healing methods from Africa for men

Beginning from today we shall discuss with you nice fast methods for either healing, resolving problems or getting what we want.

The people of Bacongo, who live in on the territory of Congo and Angola, have a very ancient tradition of healing. Each member of a tribe has a special wooden statue. When they find themselves in a state of a social problem, fear, illness, anxiety, depression, etc, they would go into a special place and hammer one or several nails into their statue.

Bakongo Nail Fetish

By doing this, the person redirects or addresses their problems to the outer world…

His or her strong faith into this method effectiveness allows them to go on living and focusing on daily routine, without worrying about the outcomes.

How can we use this magnificent principle nowadays? – Easily!

Find a wooden statue you love, or take a piece of wood,
- buy nails to hammer you problems into it
- “ask”, “negotiate”, or appoint the chosen statue or the piece of wood and magic power to serve you as a healer
- explain the procedure, aim and set the intend to be healed in this wonderful way, each time you start hammering nails
- thank the wood and magic power for the results you want.

This magic power of unknown origin will do the rest!

Let’s mark a very important fact. We are hammering not only the problem itself, but its origin and cause, as well as the whole paradigm of its manifestation:

- unpleasant thoughts
- sufferings
- attempts to find solutions
- negative emotions,
- blames, etc.

Many people already use this magic principle

by redirecting their problems in communication with annoying people to funny caricatures of my book “Laugh at Them!” – a source of inspiration for both therapists and their clients.

We shall discuss it with you later.

If the problem caught you at work, find any vacant room or go to the toilet, and hammer imaged nail into your imaged wooden healer with both hand. Express gratitude and leave the place!


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