Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Quickest Method of Feeling Good

If you are at home, stretch your index fingers, stand up and go around your apartment, point at every nice thing in your room, kitchen, bath-room, etc., saying: “IT FEELS GOOD”

You point at every nice thing in your room, kitchen, bathroom, etc., and say:
 Joy and pleasure are filling you

When you were a small kid, you were prohibited to touch beautiful and expensive things for the fear to destroy or break them. Now you buy lovely things on your choice.

This funny method has amazing results: your brain records this invaluable experience with words and actions to your own liking of a grown-up person.

Moreover, you’ll be noticing fine-looking things, objects, trifles, animals, plants, flowers and trees in the surrounding environment very much like a highly professional art designer and photographer.
Point at things which you like, and enjoy the sensation

And be sure, absolutely sure that neither depression, nor anxiety will have any place in your life.

From my book “How To Create Love” (published at Smashwords)

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Natalia Levis-Fox

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