Friday, July 20, 2012

Magic healing methods from Africa for women

So called ‘white magic’ in its different forms there had been used in Africa for centuries.

Each lady can create a doll and make it the object of illnesses and disasters attraction.

In other words, your doll will neutralize problems, by accepting somebody’s envy and other unpleasant things or wishes, instead of you!

Made with your own hands, it’s very strong and effective, even at healing your current health state.

You must buy:


Some woolen fiber, the color corresponding to your own hair

Polymer clay

After you get all the components, start making the doll, with the definite intent to always heal you and accept all the problems instead of you!

1. Read and follow the instructions of work with polymer clay. Then form all body parts

2. Add joints to body parts: the doll must serve your interests for a long time.

3. Take a ceramic or glass plate/ piece of glass, put your doll model there and place it into the oven for several minutes (as recommended by a manufacturer).

4. After cooling the doll, fix woolen fiber on its head.

5. Take pin after pin and put them the doll. Each pin corresponds to the hurting or painful place of your body, head, face…  

6. While plunging pins into the doll you keep saying:

“Pain from me – to the doll!”

By doing this, you redirect pain, hurting memories, unpleasant emotions, worries, etc, to the outer world

When you are satisfied with results, thank both, the doll and magic power. This power will always neutralize any negative impact on you. Put the doll into a box, away from your active consciousness. If your doll becomes somehow damaged or broken, bury it in some distant place, far from people, and thank earth to relieve you from problems!

If your doll is not as beautiful, as you initially designed it, do not worry! You can create something better.

Look at the picture of the doll I made for one of my clients (published with her permission). This woman very quickly recovered from hurting memories of her childhood and physical pain.

Create your doll and enjoy life. You deserved it!


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