Saturday, July 21, 2012

Are you a pleasure seeker?

Answer this question!

Yes or no?

If not, you have all chances to start now, otherwise, your healthy and beautiful Nature will keep fading…

Neurobiologists discovered (Esch & Stefano, 2004) that seeking for love, pleasure and beauty is highly rewarding, and as the biological function, it ensures the improvement of species through advantageous experiences.

Esch T, Stefano GB. The neurobiology of pleasure, reward processes, addiction and their health implications. Neuro endocrinology Letters 2004; 25:235–51.

Join us in Art Club and start selling nice trifles. It’s fun! Selling and buying is a real pleasure…

Expecting customers… or when your parcel with the purchased item will arrive from another part of the world… a person who sold it for you, had packed it carefully, with love… he or she is worrying if the item arrived safely…  wondering if  you like it…  

It is so pleasant that somebody cares for you… even not knowing you, personally, right?

First item for $15 is

Love Attractor.
Crystal vase for candles with fascinating effects.
Stained glass paints. Size: 10 X 10 X 10 cm
(NoBullArt Gallery sells it for $ 85)

Leave a comment below, if you are for or against pleasure


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