Friday, August 31, 2012

Art Therapy: How to Stop Overeating (Part 3)

Fast Dagestan Method
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Being slender and beautiful is art! We are learning with you the art of creating healthy contexts for eating as much as you wish to. Slender and beautiful women have a wellness type of mentality. They eat as much as they like, without any limitations, special diets, fearing overweight or struggling appetites. That is why we are getting acquainted with lifestyles of people living in Dagestan – a small republic in mountains, Caucasus, Russian Federation.

High in the mountains there is a village Kubachi, known all over the world.


It is a place of fantastically talented artists, goldsmiths, chasers and armourers.

Masters in Kubachi

Even women of Kubachi create beautiful artworks

Silver Plate by

Mannaba Magomelova.

Admire artworks from Kubachi and fill your mind with fresh ideas about your own artworks and your hidden talents just opening…

To be completed…
Natalia Levis-Fox

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