Friday, October 19, 2012

Become A Movie Star In A World Project!

We are gathering materials for a documentary film about love. It is called “You Are Loved…”

The aim of this marvelous Project is give you the divine feeling of being loved and sincerely cared.

When you are loved, you are accepted everywhere.
You are needed everywhere.
Everybody wants to be your friend.
You get better jobs.
You are a center of sincere attention.
Your family starts appreciating you.
You radiate natural charisma, charm, friendliness…

So, life becomes a miracle, a dream, a pleasure.

If you have a miraculous story to tell the world, or you know a fast method to improve somebody’s life, health and to feel wellness, join our project.

If you have very important information to contribute into the world’s wellbeing with love, please, send us your concept.

For people willing to reveal miraculous stories of love:  please, write your story, add pictures or other materials as a proof or illustration.

For people, entrepreneurs, psychologists, healers:  send us full descriptions of methods and concepts, which would help other people to heal pain, or feel loved, or become attractive, beautiful, happy, etc.

“You Are Loved…” film will make you famous all over the world!

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Natalia Levis-Fox

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