Monday, October 8, 2012

A Mysterious Artwork

Sea is a mysterious substance. It fascinates you…

When you bathe in the sea, it heals and caresses your body, filling your skin with health.

When you watch it,

it calms your restless mind, comforting… your wings are spreading…

You smell salty freshness…

Artworks about sea (seascapes) bring these beautiful qualities to you home…

…filling your space with mysterious love, dreams, comfort and health…

Levis-Fox Art Gallery invites you to admire and bring miracles to your homes and offices with mysterious seascapes by

Alexander Mifortin,
Modern Russian artist, writer and composer

His pictures, even prints of canvas plunge you in the middle of Ocean of Love and miracles!

To test this idea physically, just open Gallery Page, enlarge Alexander’s pictures

put your palm close to the computer screen and allow sea waves flow into your body and soul with comfort and love and absolute health.

If you sensed this mystery, tell us about your sensations and feelings…

Links to his pages in Levis-Fox Art Gallery

Natalia Levis-Fox

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