Monday, October 29, 2012

Art: Power and Inner Comfort

We have already discussed with you the influence of art on people.
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Today we shall add another aspect of this mystery.
Now, there is a very simple question for you:

Why do some people ignore art and artworks in their homes?

Quite right!  Nobody told them that artworks made with love, radiate happiness and wellness.

We all love and defend our personal space. It is very intimate. We keep our secrets there. It’s the space of comfort and we never let anybody there, right?

When we add artworks to this space, which keep our personal meaning, we acquire silent friends. Artworks become infinite sources of fresh energy and inspiration. These beautiful soundless friends will never betray you!

There is another question for you:

Tell me, what kind of men do women prefer? – Sexy, radiating physical power, charisma,generocity and intelligence!  
If you count money or speculate about prices in the presence of a real woman – she would immediately reject you as a man. She would treat you politely. But, in her inner intimate would she would despise you… It a fact.

To make you strong, sexy and attractive, I finished yesterday a big picture for you. It is made of 100% wool fibers in a felting technique. It is very pleasant at a touch and gives you the feeling of natural warmth.

When your eyes scan it, the whole body is fed with satisfaction, self-assurance and strength.

Red bull, is flying in the snow-white space of pure Divine energy, emanating the best male’s qualities…

N. Levis-Fox. Winner. Male Power. Toro. Corrida.
Felting, 100% pure wool.
Size 79 X 84 cm with baguette

If you can not afford to buy the original, Levis-Fox Art Gallery will make a print on canvas for you.

The photo of this artwork was taken this beautiful morning, under the apricot tree, coverd with golden leaves. The air was chrystal. So the blue shadows just reflect amazing blue skies of Indian summer...

This picture will correct your aura, just the way women adore and worship

Natalia levis-Fox

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