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Ingushetia: Wild Beauty, People, Towers, Skiing and Moto biking (Part 2)

According to the antique data, the Ingush ancestors lived in the Northern Caucasus since 3000 BCE.  They used to call themselves “people of God and Sun” (“ma” – sun and “hal” – God).

“Sun” petroglyphs in the Northern Caucasus

Ancient Ingush were pagans and they cultivated sun, as the source of life, power and wellness. For 5000 years of this faith, their attitude to Sun reflected in their official solar symbol – flag of Ingush Republic:

The circle in the middle (sun) is surrounded by 3 rays.

This ancient solar petroglyph
(i.e. drawing, writing or inscription on stone,
as a painting on a cave wall)

means eternity, movement, dynamics of life, creation and wellness. This state symbol is very popular among modern Ingush now.

The shining neon solar symbol on The Curovs’ tower
(transcribed as [tzurov])

It both protects from disasters and gives wellness, prosperity and hope for the best.

For centuries, the Ingush lived by laws of patriarchal clans - “types”. They had collective property, production tools, consumption and territorial integrity.

After Georgian missioners had brought Christianity to Northern Caucasus, the Ingush started to build family towers in the 12th century. Each family or type had their own tower, cemetery or crypts. 

Legend about the Curovs’ tower construction

Many centuries ago, in Dzheirakh there lived Chur Curov with his four sons. Once he went hunting to forests high in the mountains. Suddenly he saw a naked man, milking a female deer into a beautiful gold cup . He killed the animal, and the man run away.

Chur brought the cup home and his sons decided to build a military family tower. They prepared the ground for the tower and put the cup at the basis. They invited a famous master who had built the Curovs’ tower for 61 cows and bulls. At that time 60 cows and bulls were equivalent to a big sum of money for building towers, as the construction lasted for a year.

Modern Curovs at their tower

Lydia Curov, a girl from a distant branch of the big family

Dzheirakh region, the highlands of towers and ancient history
described in the article (white circle)

To be continued...

Natalia Levis-Fox

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