Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ingushetia: Wild Beauty, People, Towers, Skiing and Moto biking (Part 3)

Christianity was spread in Ingushetia in XII - XVIII centuries. At that time, their beautiful towers were built. Practically each family or a small community, integrated by several families had their own towers. Ingush towers are of three types:

military (the tallest) and living (smaller)

and mixed.

Military towers were built in such geographical pattern, that one tower was visible from the two neighboring ones.

In case of emergency, fire set in one tower,
served as the alarm signal for others.

The whole mountainous area was informed within minutes.

People would gather in their towers, with supplies of food and water. Military towers are multistoried. The ground floor was occupied by livestock and captives.  Two upper levels were for the family members. The warriors and defenders were on top. There was always a rich supply of stones on top of each military tower as a powerful weapon against attackers.

It was impossible to get inside the military tower from the ground floor, as it had neither windows nor doors. The only way to get inside is to use removable wooden staircase to the second floor.

The living towers have a very original design.

There is a post in the middle. 
Through holes wooden floors were fixed for each level

Ingush towers had a central heating system! They set fire on the ground floor.

Walls were made of double stones layers (highlighted by green color), with a gap between them. Through this gap warm air was circulating all around the tower and flowing out through special holes (red arrows).

This is Erzi castle complex, high in the mountains, very beautiful even in winter.

Erzi means “eagle”

I made these pictures on the New Year Eve. The weather was snowy and foggy. To show you the splendor of this place I colored the grey sky into azzuro-blue.

Russian jeep “Niva” – the most reliable car for extreme driving

Ancient streets in Erzi

Although Erzi is not inhabited now, it gives the feeling of pure divineness and vitality. You must smell and drink this space one day!

Come and visit Ingushetia in summer or in spring.

You will be charmed

To be continued...

Natalia Levis-Fox

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