Sunday, January 4, 2015

How to Get Wings? (Part II)

Continued from Part I

‘Wings’ is a metaphor of the state of ‘flying’,
corresponding to easiness, wellness and excellence.

Life seems easy, problems find easy solutions. In other words, ‘life is great!’

How to come to this state?

How to live from this easiness, wellness and excellence?

Each human being has unlimited source of life within their body.

The first thing to do is acknowledge the possibility of this lifestyle.

The second step is to acknowledge that there is nothing from within!

Yes! Nothing!
Neither “inner worlds”, nor “I”, nor “Self”, nor “anybody”

There is nothing and nobody from within!

If you keep
  • your Ego,
  • people,
  • best relationships,
  • your secrets,
  • real opinions about people
  • just important information
  • fears,

in-within, they become the source of ‘self-talking’; and it seems that it never stops…

Very much like a big stone prevents from fresh spring outflow
Fears block fresh vital energy flow into your body and soul.
That is why unpleasant thought torture you often.

Moreover, your secret mind  and/or  ‘foreign installation’ (i.e. somebody else’ mind and will from childhood or army) within your body become the source of pain and health problems.

To purify divine nothingness from human intrusion is the ultimate goal of all traditions.

It takes almost life long period for monks to gain this state of flying.

I strongly recommend you to find a very useful and interesting book by

D.T. Suzuki. “Introduction to Zen Buddhism”. (1st ed. – L.,1932)

Link to one of the libraries

If you happen to have an English copy of this book in .doc, text or PDF formats, I will be grateful for you to send it to me. I will return your copy in several days, richly illustrated, as I did with the Russian translation.

What can you do today to purify the living space from within?

1. Make the principle “There is nothing and nobody from within” as your health and wellness motto or personal mantra. 

Sing it, repeat it, spell it, write is, and draw it as your own image or symbol.

So, the principle of absolute health is this:

“There is nothing and nobody in-within.
Everything and everybody is in the outer world”

2. Wish the world whatever you need yourself.

The outer world, or rather your own knowledge about it - is the place of action, communication or even thinking about it. Your knowledge (and secrets) does not exist, until you decide to apply it or revive it. So, as the matter of fact, there is nothing to hide from others within your body or ‘private inner worlds’.

Nobody can read your own thoughts, your opinions and your personal information, as you had encoded it with your own meaning!

In some cases, your thoughts, attitudes or opinions can resonate with the same thoughts attitudes and opinions of another person or group. If it happens, then there occurs mutual understanding. But this is another story.

Since the outer world is your own interpretation or understanding of it, you may easily wish it the best things you love. This is how you can do it:

“I wish the world beauty”
“I wish the world absolute health”
“I wish the world to bathe in love”
“I wish the world kindness”
“I wish the world lovely relationships”
“I wish the world happiness”, etc.

The more often you wish the world the best, the better your health and relationships become. As what you wish – comes to you multiplied!

No needs to say, that if you or somebody else wishes the world and people evil or troubles – they get the troubles back themselves, multiplied…

When you wish the world everything the best on regular basis,

…thus, removing blocks of fear, loneliness, selfishness, etc

from the purest and wonderful source of life,

Wishing the world whatever you need every morning and night before falling asleep, you start noticing that your relationships become better and better, you attract interesting and kind people, etc, etc, etc.

Each of your wish opens the best possibilities in the form of purest intelligent and loving energy of the universe!

When you world the world friendly attention to each other and kindness

Your fears become less as they shrink in size to dissapear
…opening fresh space and energy for best relationships

I wish you happiness on your own terms,
Natalia Levis-Fox

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