Thursday, January 1, 2015

How to Get Wings? (Part I)

‘Wings’ is a metaphor of the state of ‘flying’,
corresponding to easiness, wellness and excellence.

Life seems easy, problems find easy solutions. In other words, ‘life is great!’

Is it your case? If not, let us find out how to live in this state.

Each human-being has unlimited source of life within their body. Each of us, without exception!

It can be compared to the spring of purest water coming from earth.

When its outcome is open, fresh water is pouring out freely.

If you put the stone over the outcome,
the spring becomes blocked…

…the water spreading underneath the land surface,
as the source of purest water is always in outpouring…

This is what happens to us, when we block our source of life, i.e. unlimited potential of energy coming from heart of universe…

Nobody wants to block life and fresh energy, right? But we do, unconsciously. Together with fresh vital energy – which is the sex energy itself in its abundance – Divine Source contains the potential of such human qualities as

  • kindness
  • love
  • warmth
  • sympathy
  • tenderness
  • care,

towards others.

We were not born egoistic. The unfavorable social environments had formed this kind of ‘self-love’ within us. Or, we have fear to be ‘overheard’, ‘misinterpreted’ or ‘be punished by God,’ if we have ‘sinful’ thoughts, desires or deeds. God and religion have different sources of origin. What we call God or Divine or Absolute or Abstract exists without our interference, as life itself. Religion is the way to interpret relationships between God and humanity. It is rather of second-order understanding.

Being economic, greedy or unaware, we ignore our best human qualities, which we get together with life.

They rather ‘pour’ into our bodies, forming layers of overweight, very much like the spring blocked by the stone…

To be continued...

Natalia Levis-Fox

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