Thursday, February 12, 2015

You at Your Best (Part I)

Continued from:   You vs. Others

You are reading this article, because you are one of the best people in the world. Surprised?

Only the best people are looking for information and ways (as methods) to become better. The rest of population is usually stuck in the self-admiration as professionals, family members or personalities, they had practiced ages ago. With them you have nothing to discuss as their worlds are stable and predictable.

So, the best has found you!

In a healthy reality of wellness, flourishing and successful people form the best concepts about themselves. By doing this on regular basis, these well-to-do people have the air or aura of prosperousness and comfort around them. The others – accept this shining quality as the fact, treating you accordingly.

So today we shall form your best ‘You-Concept’ with huge or unlimited potential of enrichment. Within this best concept of yourself you will:

1. freely delete boring or unsuccessful elements, qualities, paradigms (i.e. structures of personality)
2. add new elements, qualities and paradigms that please you most.

 You will call it ‘I-Concept’

I recommend to skip the notion “Self” because it means automatic generation of initial settings, when you or somebody else (parents, ex) were forming your personality.

Firstly, you choose some secret name or word for this concept. This act is very important, as it sets your own irresistible frequency to your life style, thoughts and understanding of you as a human being and personality. Historically taking secret names was characteristic for monks in different confessions.

Your own secret name will become the core of you-the-best-personality-concept.

 Moreover, it will protect you from foreign interference and influence into your mind and your personal faith of an adult person.

Secondly.  Find or choose the name of Infinite Source, which will constantly supply you as personality and your body with fresh wonderful energy.  You can call it

God (derived from ‘good’)


The Abstract, etc.

Thirdly, you choose the best qualities that you already have or would like to have as a brilliant personality.

This process of choice will take some time, as you will be trying each quality and the context of their expression.

You can use Chapter Two of my ebook

“Out of Alcohol”
Which contains 200 best human qualities for you to choose the best applicable to you.
You may download it for free from my Publisher’s portal at:

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To be continued…

Enjoy the process of creation!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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