Wednesday, February 11, 2015

You vs. Others

Today we shall speak about You and how other people “see” and “understand” You.

Many people depend on the opinions of others. They suppose that these “others” form the attitudes and judgments towards them.   In other words, somebody else’s opinion becomes the ‘real you’. What is worse, this foreign estimation bothers and tortures you. You try to prove that you are better than that, etc, etc, etc.

If you think that you are not “good enough” for somebody else or social group you belong to,  then they treat you the way you think about yourself, backed by ‘not good opinion’ from somebody else.

Here is the scientific experiment, conducted by researchers from Ohio in 1993. Scientists applied big ugly scars on women-volunteer’s faces with makeup.

After women had seen their dreadful faces in mirror, they were told to go out and meet unknown people.  Under the pretext of fixing and refreshing makeup, all scars were removed. Unaware of this, women went out to public.

When they were back, all women reported that they were treated awfully, with different degrees of discrimination. They could even remember words and terrible emotions directed towards them.
In other words, the pure knowledge about their ugly faces with scars, made all women experiment -participants feel terrible victims of discrimination.

This experiment vividly illustrates the importance of our self-knowledge and self-concepts in our everyday lives.

In a healthy reality of wellness, flourishing and successful people form the best concepts about themselves. By doing this on regular basis, these well-to-do people have the air or aura of prosperousness and comfort around them. The others – accept this shining quality as the fact, treating you accordingly.

Think of it before going to bed.
Tomorrow we shall learn how to create your own opinion in its highest expression

(and not to become a cock-sure idiot)

Life is experiment!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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