Friday, February 13, 2015

You at Your Best (Part II)

Continued from You at Your Best (Part I)

Now, when you had selected the wonderful unstoppable source of life & the best human qualities for your brilliant personality, organized them in a list, we shall proceed with “You at Your Best”.

Have you inserted ‘Intelligence of the highest order’ in your list? Add, if you missed it. Thanks to your natural intelligence of the highest order, you will be interesting to the best people you like and value. Intelligent people recognize each other immediately, everywhere, very much like skiers, bikers or musicians do.

Stage II

1  Express your gratitude to the worst events, experience and qualities from your past life.

Thanks to your worst experience, you kept looking for the best. It is your personal evolution! It is dynamics that lifts you to the highest excellence, you were born for.

You do not have to suffer or re-experience the worst any longer. Since this moment it gets converted into knowledge, somewhere hidden out from your body.

2  Give up the idea of ‘keeping memory’ in your head and body. Otherwise, fresh and on-ever-going energy from the Wonderful  Source will process your traumatic experience, causing physical pain, past problems revitalizing and sufferings. Your past experience is nothing, but information, knowledge of your personal evolution.

Ask the Wonderful Source to keep this knowledge in its proper place (without disturbing you), as a reference system of how things are not to be for you any longer.

3  The Semantic Core of your beautiful and lovely personality.
‘Semantic’ stands for your own, personal meaning of qualities and you as personality. You have selected them willingly, knowingly and purposefully.

Take a sheet of paper A4 or A5 format and draw a big circle in the middle.

It will be the core of your amazing personality with secret name,
coming from the Wonderful Source

4  Read out loud the chosen personal qualities, rooted in the Source. And express gratitude to the Source for supplying you with the best energy, simultaneously with your preferences.

Tell the Source that you have every right to delete the boring or unneeded traits and create the better ones for your high quality life.

5. Your recognizable personal qualities. Choose a set of qualities, which you want to be readable by the others, all the time. They will constitute you aura.

Personal Qualities Map
Organize around core as many qualities as you love.
You can use different figures, colors, shapes, words.

I developed this graphic method “Personal Qualities Map” many years ago, when I worked in a private clinic for addicted people. This method improved many lives!

6  Enjoy your wonderful personality, by reading this map, re-organizing it, adding or removing qualities, etc. Since you created your own map, you can always  draw it, if you find yourself in different places, far from the original.

 Each time you look at or construct your “Personal Qualities Map”, you experience the highest pleasure, excitement, optimism.

The relationships with different people will visibly improve.

Smile! You are already at your BEST!
Natalia Levis-Fox

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