Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Elicit Pleasure from People and Objects You Dislike

Do you believe that you can feel good by noticing or watching people, things or objects, which seem ugly to you?

Let us practice to discover the truth.

Find some unattractive, old objects at home. Pictures of people you dislike from magazines or newspapers, can also suit perfectly. If your house or apartment does not contain such a nonsense, so much the better! Then turn on TV.

Point at person or object you dislike with your index fingers.

You point at objects or people you dislike and say: “It’s not me!”

The unexpected results:
  • your mood rises immediately;
  • you start thinking the best of you;
  • you have fun;
  • you stop criticizing yourself, your appearance and your body;

  • your knowledge and attention expand beyond the boundaries of your “inner world”, i.e. your shell.

Many people look in the world out of their shells for the reason of safety and fear not to suffer again!

Important note! Some people think that their “inner world” exists in their heads or bodies. It’s a big, big mistake! Ideas, consciousness, understanding, “deep knowledge” and the world itself – everything – are in the outer space. They exist in the form of hidden possibilities, like invisible molecules of oxygen. We know about them but never notice due their tiny size.


Nice and quick methods from my book


Natalia Levis-Fox,

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