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Anorexia: Is It Good To Criticize Your Self?

For years psychologists and psychotherapists tell us to stop criticizing ourselves. And we really try to stop this critics.

You won’t believe, but self-criticism is really good! If you don’t do this, you may fall out of social adequacy.

Look at this girl.

She is anorexic and is really proud of her body and appearance

Statistics states, that 1% of teenage girls in the U.S. develop anorexia and up to 10 percent may die as a result.

My friend and colleague

Dr Valentina Federova – a world leading specialist in anorexia treatment –

invited me to work in her clinic.  

As a human-being, I was shocked.  The anorexic girls – patients of the clinic from different countries look alike; their nationality is missing!

Anorexia Nervosa is a disorder in which preoccupation with dieting and thinness leads to excessive weight loss. The individual may not acknowledge that weight loss or restricted eating is a problem.

Anorexia Danger Signals:
  • losing a significant amount of weight
  • continuing to diet (although thin)
  • feeling fat, even after losing weight
  • fearing weight gain
  • losing monthly menstrual periods
  • preoccupation with food, calories, nutrition and/or cooking
  • exercising compulsively
  • bingeing and purging

Physical complications:
  • hair loss
  • gaunt, hollow facial features
  • shrunken breasts
  • dry skin
  • bruises
  • sharply protruding bones
  • cold and blue hands and feet
  • delayed puberty: pre-adolescent females fail to menstruate and develop breasts at normal age; in males, testosterone levels might remain low, leading to impotence
  • menstruation: hormone levels drop, alerting the body that it cannot support a fetus; menstruation becomes irregular or stops completely – can result in temporary or permanent infertility
  • permanent bone loss: susceptibility to stress fractures and osteoporosis
  • mood changes: impatience, irritability, depression, suicidal tendencies
  • insomnia, constipation, sensitivity to cold, kidney failure, abnormally low heart rate and blood pressure
If you child or relative or friend manifests all these features, go to the doctor immediately.

Is it really possible to treat anorexia? – Yes! We shall talk about anorexia effective treatment in our next post.

Advice: forget about loosing weight! You could have a slender figure by using  other simple, nice and safe methods. One of them I describe in my ebook “How to get a beautiful body”, published by Smashwords Inc.

Enjoy tasty food without fear

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Article: "Anorexia Can Be Healed At Home?" at

Clinica's website
Natalia Levis-Fox

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