Sunday, May 26, 2013

Where and How to Treat Anorexia Effectively? (Part II)

The fourth reason to treat anorexic girl in a superb medical clinic is grounded in a complex medical treatment (10 years of Dr Fedorova successful treatment experience)

The team of extra-class doctors work day and night

Psychiatrists and therapists

Reanimation experts for the cases of emergency


The fifth reason is the exclusive comfort of the clinic.

Each patient stays in a single room. Then there is a nice and comfortable common hall on the ground floor with TV and musical center for rest and group therapy.

The building also includes:

  • Lovely kitchen and a dining room (very much like the one that girls have at home)

Patients have a rich diet prepared of ecologically healthy products

  • Sauna and a massage room. Girls get a professional massage in accordance with their physical state

  • Physic-therapy cabinet with a variety of rehabilitation devices. In case of patient’s poor state the therapy takes place in a patient’s private room

  • Fitness gym. An invited expert trains girls under doctors supervision

The sixth reason. The atmosphere in clinic is very friendly and human, though it is not easy to deal with anorexic patients. Parents do know what we mean by that.

Vice Director is emanating good humor and friendliness

Patients feel comfortable in the clinic rich atmosphere and make friends with each other. They move freely around the clinic territory, take sun baths on the green grass, listen to modern music, read books or just watch TV.

Ask for details: or visit   Dr Fedorova clinic (Rus)

Clinica's website in English

To be continued…

Natalia Levis-Fox

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