Monday, May 27, 2013

Anorexia: Psychological Rehabilitation

In our previous posts 1     we had discussed the importance of anorexia’ highly professional medical treatment.

Dr Valentina Fedorova’ clinic was considered as an effective and fabulous modern medical model of anorexia complex treatment. A team of super professionals saved lives to dozens and dozens of anorexic patients.

Dr Fedorova’s progressive approach includes another important aspect. It is psychological rehabilitation.

In medical reality, anorexia is referred to psychiatrist type of disorder. Alongside with tiny organs, anorexic girls have a very narrow and childish mind.

Their aim “to loose weight by all means” leads not only to physical and biological degeneration. Their consciousness remains at the level of 5-10 year olds.

That is why Dr Fedorova invites best psychologists to work in her clinic. Four experts work with anorexic patients both individually and in group therapy.

Tatyana, social psychologist works with a patient in her room

Natalia Levis-Fox, English, French and Russian-speaking Psychologist 
with highest international qualifications and experience

Olessya Fedorova,  English-French and Russian speaking psychologist with two higher educations
More than that, all patients are involved in art therapy. It is important for both entertainment and successful socialization. Idly-doing in their everyday life, anorexic girls get the chance to acquire an art profession.

Together with a real artist, girls learn

to create pictures

bright souvenirs, magnets for fridges, jewelry out of polymer clay  (bracelets and necklaces)

stained glass artworks

felting artworks, etc.

Currently, we are developing an “International Summer Wellness Camp” project for anorexic patients. The project includes

  • physical rehabilitation
  • psychological rehabilitation
  • social rehabilitation
  • art therapy
  • light labor therapy
  • health tourism, etc,
 in a villa, situated in healthy and beautiful place

  Clinica's website

Natalia Levis-Fox

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