Friday, May 31, 2013

Russian Matreshka Implements Your Desires

Russian matreshka is a magic doll.

It is always handmade of dry linden tree,

and painted by real Russian masters.

Linden is a very beautiful, useful and healing tree.

Tea of linden flowers 

cures you from high temperature and cold.

Initially matreshka was made for children.

It consists of from 5 to 21 dolls, hidden within one big figure.

It had been noticed, that matreshka implements your secret desires.

This is what to be done.

1. You write down 5 – 21 desires – things you would love to have. All depends on the type of matreshka you manage to find.

Levis-Fox Art Gallery have found a 6-piece genuine matreshka for you,
created by Vyatka masters in Russia.

2. When the list is ready, ask a question “Which is my most important desire?”

3. Make it number One and define it on a following way:

“I would like to have / get / meet (object of your desire)”

4. Take 4 small pieces of paper and write down your other 4 desires

5. Take the smallest doll (#1) and whisper your biggest desire into the doll.

6. Put this doll into #2 and add the note with you written desire #2, etc

7. When you close the biggest doll (#5), you put it to the place where you will look at it with pleasure.

8. After one of the desires gets implemented, you burn the doll and the note inside of it.

Good luck!


Natalia Levis-Fox

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