Monday, September 30, 2013

A Book of Compliments

Did you know that…

…you are miraculous?
…you are superb?
…you are a gift?
…you are so nice?
…you are unique?
…you are the best person in the world?
…it is a real pleasure to be with you?
…you are my joy?
…you are so comfortable to be with?

Do you acknowledge that?

These are compliments, i.e. facts about you.

Did you wait for anybody to say you that?
Did anybody tell you that?

Compliments’ are “polite expression of praise”. That is why most people disbelieve in compliments.

Aside from politeness, compliments are facts about us. We believe in compliments only if they resonate with our knowledge about ourselves. We flush with pleasure, relax and feel happy.

If not, we suspect that another person praises us just to get something from us.

How often do you say sincere compliments to other people? Do people believe you?

I am gathering materials for a book – a list of compliments - each of us is waiting to be told.

You may send me a list of pleasant things you want to hear from other people to

By doing this you contribute into humanity wellness, because we may turn compliments into our best qualities!

If you wish, I will add you as the co-author of the “Book of Compliments.” Let us make people happy!

Natalia Levis-Fox

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