Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Am Learning To Ride Moto Bikes

My life roads are always filled with adventures. I find adventures even in neurobiology, the science that discovers how our nerve cells function. When you know, that all neurons function according the orgasm principle, the life itself becomes a beautiful release of pleasure!

This July I had a fantastic experience in Rome: flying on the Wings of Love  (story) with an amazing man on his BMW bike at night. It made me learn to ride bikes and be a racer

Luckily, bikers accepted me and allowed to join their community.

Biking is a lifestyle of real, real men. Usually, they are well-to-do people, businesspersons or higher officers.

The price of these machines is equal to expensive cars. Bikers use cars involuntary, just to participate in their social life, business relations and status they belong.

Today I rode a Kawasaki bike. It was something special.

Certainly, this machine is too heavy for me, but the beginning was made.

High in the sky there was eagle floating, my favorite bird. It was a very good sign.

I am on the right way!

What are your adventures?
Natalia Levis-Fox

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